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Pap Nóra, Beszédes Sándor, Pongrácz Éva, Myllykoski Liisa, Gábor Miklósné, Gyimes Ernő, Hodúr Cecilia, Keiski Riita L.: Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Anthocyanins from Black Currant Marc.
Food and Bioprocess Technology, 6 (10). pp. 2666-2674. ISSN 1935-5130 (2013)

Beszédes Sándor, Pap Nóra, Pongrácz Éva, Keiskki Riitta L., Hodúr Cecilia: Development of membrane wastewater purification process for meat industry SME’s.
Annals of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara - International Journal of Engineering, 9 (1). pp. 133-140. ISSN 1584-2665 (2011)

Beszédes Sándor, Pap Nóra, Pongrácz Éva, Hodúr Cecilia, Keiskki Riitta L.: Concentration of meat processing industry wastewater by reverse osmosis and anaerobic digestion of the concentrate.
In: Third International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste. 8-11 November 2010, Venice, Italy. International Waste Working Group, pp. 1-13. (2010) ISBN 978-88-6265-008-3

Beszédes Sándor, Pap Nóra, Pongrácz Éva, Hodúr Cecilia, Keiski Riita L.: Optimization of reverse osmosis (RO) process for the purification of meat processing wastewater.
In: PERMEA 2010 - 5th Membrane Science and Technology Conference of Visegrad Countries. Tatranske Matliare, Szlovákia, 2010.09.04-2010.09.08. Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering (SSCHE), Bratislava, pp. 74-85. (2010) ISBN 978-80-227-3339-7

Pap Nóra, Kertész Szabolcs, Pongrácz Éva, Myllykoski Liisa, Keiski Riita L., Vatai Gyula, László Zsuzsanna, Beszédes Sándor, Hodúr Cecilia: Concentration of blackcurrant juice by reverse osmosis.
Desalination, 241 (1-3). pp. 256-264. ISSN 0011-9164 (2009)

Pap Nóra, Beszédes Sándor, Kertész Szabolcs, László Zsuzsanna, Pongrácz Éva, Keiski Riita L., Keszthelyi-Szabó Gábor, Hodúr Cecilia: Pectin extraction from blackcurrant press cake.
Review of Faculty of Engineering, Analecta Technica Szegedinensia. pp. 71-78. ISSN 1788-6392 (2008)

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