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Pápa Zsuzsanna, Kecsenovity E, Fejes Dóra, Budai Judit, Tóth Zsolt, Hernádi Klára: Height and diameter dependence of carbon nanotube forests on the porosity and thickness of catalytic layers.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 428. pp. 885-894. ISSN 0169-4332 (2018)

Pápa Zsuzsanna, Ramakrishnan S., Martin M., Cloitre T., Zimányi László, Tóth Zsolt, Gergely C., Budai Judit: Ellipsometric study of peptide layers - island-like character, depolarization and quasi-absorptione.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 421. pp. 707-713. ISSN 0169-4332 (2017)

Szabó Anna, Kecsenovity Egon, Pápa Zsuzsanna, Gyulavári Tamás, Németh Krisztián, Horváth Endre, Hernádi Klára: Influence of synthesis parameters on CCVD growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes over aluminum substrate.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 (1). Terjedelem: 11 p.-Azonosító: 9557. ISSN 2045-2322 (2017)

Pápa Zsuzsanna, Csontos József, Smausz Tomi, Tóth Zsolt, Budai Judit: Spectroscopic ellipsometric investigation of graphene and thin carbon films from the point of view of depolarization effects.
Applied Surface Science, 421 (Part B). pp. 714-721. ISSN 0169-4332 (2017)

Csontos János, Tóth Zsolt, Pápa Zsuzsanna, Gábor B., Füle Miklós Jenő, Gilicze Barnabás, Budai Judit: Ultrafast in-situ null-ellipsometry for studying pulsed laser – Silicon surface interactions.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 421 (Part B). pp. 325-330. ISSN 0169-4332 (2017)

Kecsenovity Egon, Endrődi Balázs, Pápa Zsuzsanna, Hernádi Klára, Rajeshwar Krishnan, Janáky Csaba: Decoration of ultra-long carbon nanotubes with Cu2O nanocrystals: a hybrid platform for enhanced photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (8). pp. 3139-3147. ISSN 2050-7488 (2016)

Pápa Zsuzsanna, Ramakrishnan Sathish Kumar, Martins Marta, Cloitre Thierry, Zimányi László, Budai Judit, Tóth Zsolt: Interactions at the Peptide/Silicon Surfaces: Evidence of Peptide Multilayer Assembly.
LANGMUIR, 32 (28). pp. 7250-7258. ISSN 0743-7463 (2016)

Csontos János, Tóth Zsolt, Pápa Zsuzsanna, Budai Judit, Kiss B., Börzsönyi Ádám, Füle Miklós Jenő: Periodic structure formation and surface morphology evolution of glassy carbon surfaces applying 35-fs-200-ps laser pulses.
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing, 122 (6). Terjedelem: 9 p.-Azonosító: 593. ISSN 0947-8396 (2016)

Csontos János, Pápa Zsuzsanna, Gárdián A., Füle Miklós Jenő, Budai Judit, Tóth Zsolt: Spectroscopic ellipsometric and Raman spectroscopic investigations of pulsed laser treated glassy carbon surfaces.
Applied Surface Science, 336. pp. 343-348. ISSN 0169-4332 (2015)

Fejes Dóra, Pápa Zsuzsanna, Kecsenovity E., Réti Balázs, Tóth Zsolt, Hernádi Klára: Super growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on pulsed laser deposited catalytic thin films.
APPLIED PHYSICS A - MATERIALS SCIENCE AND PROCESSING, 118 (3). pp. 855-861. ISSN 0947-8396 (2015)

Pápa Zsuzsanna, Budai Judit, Hanyecz I., Csontos János, Tóth Zsolt: Depolarization correction method for ellipsometric measurements of large grain size zinc-oxide films.
THIN SOLID FILMS (ISSN: 0040-6090) , 571 (3). pp. 562-566. (2014)

Tóth Zsolt, Hanyecz István, Gárdián Anett, Budai Judit, Csontos János, Pápa Zsuzsanna, Füle Miklós Jenő: Ellipsometric analysis of silicon surfaces textured by ns and sub-ps KrF laser pulses.
THIN SOLID FILMS, 571 (3). pp. 631-636. ISSN 0040-6090 (2014)

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