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Sipos, György, Prasanna, Arun N., Bálint, Balázs, Krizsán, Krisztina, Kiss, Brigitta, Varga, Torda, Bóka, Bettina, Kredics, László, Vágvölgyi, Csaba, Nagy, István, Anderson, James B., Grigoriev, Igor V., Güldener, Ulrich, Münsterkötter, Martin, Nagy, László G.: Genome expansion and lineage-specific genetic innovations in the forest pathogenic fungi Armillaria.
NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION, 1 (12). pp. 1931-1941. ISSN 2397-334X (2017)

Szarkándi, János Gergő, Schmidt-Stohn, Geert, Dima, Bálint, Hussain, Shah, Kocsubé, Sándor, Papp, Tamás, Vágvölgyi, Csaba, Nagy, László G.: The genus Parasola: phylogeny and the description of three new species.
MYCOLOGIA, 109 (4). pp. 620-629. ISSN 0027-5514 (2017)

Soop, Karl, Dima, Bálint, Cooper, Jerry, Szarkándi, János Gergő, Papp, Tamás, Vágvölgyi, Csaba, Nagy, László G.: Psathyloma, a new genus in Hymenogastraceae described from New Zealand.
MYCOLOGIA, 108 (2). pp. 397-404. ISSN 0027-5514 (2016)

Malikov, Elvin Y., Muradov, Mustafa B., Akperov, Oktay H., Eyvazova, Goncha M., Puskás, Róbert, Madarász, Dániel, Nagy, László G., Kukovecz, Ákos, Kónya, Zoltán: Synthesis and characterization of polyvinyl alcohol based multiwalled carbon nanotu be nanocomposites.
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, 61. pp. 129-134. ISSN 1386-9477 (2014)

Nagy, László G., Papp, Tamás, Vágvölgyi, Csaba: Comparative Methods in Fungal Evolutionary Biology: Theory, Examples and Potential Applications.
In: Systematics and evolution of fungi. Taylor and Francis, Enfield, pp. 363-397. (2012) ISBN 978-1-57808-723-5

Petkovits, Tamás, Nagy, László G., Hoffmann, Kerstin, Wagner, Lysett, Nyilasi, Ildikó, Griebel, Thasso, Schnabelrauch, Domenica, Vogel, Heiko, Voigt, Kerstin, Vágvölgyi, Csaba, Papp, Tamás: Data Partitions, Bayesian Analysis and Phylogeny of the Zygomycetous Fungal Family Mortierellaceae, Inferred from Nuclear Ribosomal DNA Sequences.
PLoS ONE, 6 (11). Azonosító: N°e27507-Terjedelem: 12. p.. ISSN 1932-6203 (2011)

Papp, Tamás, Nyilasi, Ildikó, Takó, Miklós, Nagy, László G., Vágvölgyi, Csaba: Rhizomucor.
In: Molecular detection of human fungal pathogens. Taylor and Francis, London, pp. 769-776. (2011) ISBN 9781439812402

Nagy, László G., Walther, Git, Házi, Judit, Vágvölgyi, Csaba, Papp, Tamás: Understanding the Evolutionary Processes of Fungal Fruiting Bodies: Correlated Evolution and Divergence Times in the Psathyrellaceae.
Systematic Biology, 60 (3). pp. 303-317. ISSN 1063-5157 (2011)

Nagy, László G., Petkovits, Tamás, Kovács, Gábor M., Voigt, Kerstin, Vágvölgyi, Csaba, Papp, Tamás: Where is the unseen fungal diversity hidden? A study of Mortierella reveals a large contribution of reference collections to the identification of fungal environmental sequences.
New Phytologist, 191 (3). pp. 789-794. ISSN 0028-646X (2011)

Nagy, Gábor, Imre, Gergely, Csernetics, Árpád, Petkovits, Tamás, Nagy, László G., Szekeres, András, Vágvölgyi, Csaba, Papp, Tamás: A prenyl pyrophosphate synthase gene from the zygomycete fungus, Gilbertella persicaria.
Acta Biologica Szegediensis, 55 (1). pp. 7-12. ISSN 1588-385X (2011)

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