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De Luca, Pierantonio, Poulsen, Tjalfe G., Salituro, Antonio, Tedeschi, A., Vuono, Danilo, Kónya, Zoltán, Madarász, Dániel, Nagy, János B.: Evaluation and comparison of the ammonia adsorption capacity of titanosilicates ETS-4 and ETS-10 and aluminotitanosilicates ETAS-4 and ETAS-10.
JOURNAL OF THERMAL ANALYSIS AND CALORIMETRY, 122 (3). pp. 1257-1267. ISSN 1388-6150 (2015)

Csató, Anita, Szabó, Andrea T., Fonseca, Antonio, Vuono, Danilo, Kónya, Zoltán, Volodin, Alexander P., Van Haesendonck, Chris V., Biro, László Péter, Giordano, Girolamo, Nagy, János B.: Synthesis and characterisation of coiled carbon nanotubes.
Catalysis Today, 181 (1). pp. 33-39. ISSN 0920-5861 (2012)

Béres, Attila, Pálinkó, István, Fudala, Ágnes, Kiricsi, Imre, Kiyozumi, Yoshimichi, Mizukami, Fujio, Nagy, János B.: Behaviour of hydrotalcite and its Fe(CN)(6)(4-) pillared derivative on heat treatment.
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 56 (1). pp. 311-316. ISSN 1388-6150 (1999)

Béres, Attila, Pálinkó, István, Kiricsi, Imre, Nagy, János B., Kiyozumi, Yoshimichi, Mizukami, Fujio: Layered double hydroxides and their pillared derivatives - materials for solid base catalysis; synthesis and characterization.
Applied Catalysis A: General, 182 (2). pp. 237-247. ISSN 0926-860X (1999)

Béres, Attila, Pálinkó, István, Bertrand, Jean-Cristoph, Nagy, János B., Kiricsi, Imre: Dehydration-rehydration behaviour of layered double hydroxides: a study by X-ray diffractometry and MAS NMR spectroscopy.
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, 410-411. pp. 13-16. ISSN 0022-2860 (1997)

Nagy, János B., Bertrand, J. C., Pálinkó, István, Kiricsi, Imre: From the Keggin Complex Containing Solution to Pillared Layer Clays - A Comprehensive NMR Study.
In: Progress in Zeolite and Microporous Materials. Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis (105). Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., pp. 1957-1964. (1997) ISBN 0444823441

Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád, Nagy, János B., Bertrand, Jean-Cristoph, Lázár, Károly, Valyon, József, Kiricsi, Imre: Mixed-metal pillared layer clays and their pillaring precursors.
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions, 93 (8). pp. 1591-1599. ISSN 0956-5000 (1997)

Kiricsi, Imre, Molnár, Árpád, Pálinkó, István, Fudala, Ágnes, Nagy, János B.: Nanoscale redox catalysts: Cr- and Cr,Al-pillared layer clays: Characterization and catalytic activity.
Solid State Ionics, 101-103 (Part 2.). pp. 793-797. ISSN 0167-2738 (1997)

Nagy, János B., Bertrand, Jean-Christophe, Pálinkó, István, Kiricsi, Imre: On the feasibility of iron or chromium substitution for aluminium in the Al13-Keggin ion.
Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications (22). pp. 2269-2270. ISSN 0022-4936 (1995)

Hannus, István, Pálinkó, István, Lázár, Károly, Nagy, János B., Kiricsi, Imre: The chemical state of Sn in Sn-montmorillonite; A multinuclear MAS NMR and 119Sn Mössbauer spectroscopic study.
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, 349. pp. 179-182. ISSN 0022-2860 (1995)

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