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Pajer, Krisztián, Bellák, Tamás, Nógrádi, Antal: Stem Cell Secretome for Spinal Cord Repair : Is It More than Just a Random Baseline Set of Factors?
CELLS, 10 (11). Terjedelem: 18 p-Azonosító: 3214. ISSN 2073-4409 (2021)

Pajer, Viktor, Rárosi, Ferenc, Kolozsvári, Lajos, Hopp, Béla, Nógrádi, Antal: Age‐Related Absorption of the Human Lens in the Near‐ Ultraviolet Range.
PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY, 96 (4). pp. 826-833. ISSN 0031-8655 (2020)

Bellák, Tamás, Fekécs, Zoltán, Török, Dénes, Táncos, Zsuzsanna, Nemes, Csilla, Tézsla, Zsófia, Gál, László, Polgári, Suchitra, Kobolák, Julianna, Dinnyés, András, Nógrádi, Antal, Pajer, Krisztián: Grafted human induced pluripotent stem cells improve the outcome of spinal cord injury : modulation of the lesion microenvironment.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 10 (1). Terjedelem: 19 p-Azonosító: 22414. ISSN 2045-2322 (2020)

Pajer, Krisztián, Bellák, Tamás, Nógrádi, Antal: The mutual interaction between the host spinal cord and grafted undifferentiated stem cells fosters the production of a lesion-induced secretome.
NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH, 15 (10). pp. 1844-1845. ISSN 1673-5374 (2020)

Pajer, Krisztián, Bellák, Tamás, Heinz, Redl, Nógrádi, Antal: Neuroectodermal stem cells grafted into the injured spinal cord induce both axonal regeneration and morphological restoration via multiple mechanisms.
JOURNAL OF NEUROTRAUMA, 36 (21). pp. 2977-2990. ISSN 0897-7151 (2019)

Hercher, David, Kerbl, Markus, Schuh, Christina M. A. P., Heinzel, Johannes, Gál, László, Stainer, Michaela, Schmidhammer, Robert, Hausner, Tohmas, Redl, Heinz, Nógrádi, Antal, Hacobian, Ara: Spatiotemporal Differences in Gene Expression Between Motor and Sensory Autografts and Their Effect on Femoral Nerve Regeneration in the Rat.
FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE, 13. Azonosító: 182-Terjedelem: 19 p. ISSN 1662-5102 (2019)

Simándi, Zoltán, Pajer, Krisztián, Károlyi, Katalin, Sieler, Tatiana, Jiang, Lu-Lin, Kolostyak, Zsuzsanna, Sári, Zsanett Mercédesz, Fekécs, Zoltán, Papp, Zoltán, Horváth, Attila, Vámosi, György, Hortobágyi, Tibor, Antal, Miklós, Nógrádi, Antal, Nagy, László: Arginine Methyltransferase PRMT8 Provides Cellular Stress Tolerance in Aging Motoneurons.
JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 38 (35). pp. 7683-7700. ISSN 0270-6474 (2018)

Gloviczki, Balázs, Török, Dénes G., Márton, Gábor, Gál, László, Bodzay, Tamás, Pintér, Sándor, Nógrádi, Antal: Delayed Spinal Cord–Brachial Plexus Reconnection after C7 Ventral Root Avulsion: The Effect of Reinnervating Motoneurons Rescued by Riluzole Treatment.
Journal of Neurotrauma, 34 (15). pp. 2364-2374. ISSN 0897-7151 (2017)

Boesmueller, Sandra, Nógrádi, Antal, Heimel, Patrick, Albrecht, Christian, Nürnberger, Sylvia, Redl, Heinz, Fialka, Christian, Mittermayr, Rainer: Neurofilament distribution in the superior labrum and the long head of the biceps tendon.
JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY AND RESEARCH, 12 (1). Azonosító: 181-Terjedelem: 7 p. ISSN 1749-799X (2017)

Boros, Krisztina, Jancsó, Gábor, Dux, Mária, Fekécs, Zoltán, Bencsik, Péter, Oszlács, Orsolya, Jancsó Gáborné Katona, Márta, Ferdinandy, Péter, Nógrádi, Antal, Sántha, Péter: Multiple impairments of cutaneous nociceptor function induced by cardiotoxic doses of Adriamycin in the rat.
NAUNYN-SCHMIEDEBERGS ARCHIVES OF PHARMACOLOGY, 389 (9). pp. 1009-1020. ISSN 0028-1298 (2016)

Pajer, Krisztián, Nemes, Csilla, Berzsenyi, Sára, Kovács, Krisztián A., Pirity, Melinda, Nógrádi, Antal: Grafted murine induced pluripotent stem cells prevent death of injured rat motoneurons otherwise destined to die.
EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY, 269. pp. 188-201. ISSN 0014-4886 (2015)

Freitag, Martin Thomas, Márton, Gábor, Pajer, Krisztián, Hartmann, Jens, Walder, Nadja, Rossmann, Markus, Parzer, Peter, Redl, Heinz, Nógrádi, Antal, Stieltjes, Bram: Monitoring of Short-Term Erythropoietin Therapy in Rats with Acute Spinal Cord Injury Using Manganese-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
JOURNAL OF NEUROIMAGING, 25 (4). pp. 582-589. ISSN 1051-2284 (2015)

Teuschl, Andreas Herbert, Schuh, Christina, Halbweis, Robert, Pajer, Krisztián, Márton, Gábor, Hopf, Rudolf, Mosia, Shorena, Rünzler, Dominik, Redl, Heinz, Nógrádi, Antal, Hausner, Tohmas: A New Preparation Method for Anisotropic Silk Fibroin Nerve Guidance Conduits and Its Evaluation In Vitro and in a Rat Sciatic Nerve Defect Model.
TISSUE ENGINEERING PART C METHODS, 21 (9). pp. 945-957. ISSN 1937-3384 (2015)

Pajer, Krisztián, Feichtinger, Georg A., Márton, Gábor, Sabitzer, Sonja, Klein, Dieter, Nógrádi, Antal: Cytokine signaling by grafted neuroectodermal stem cells rescues motoneurons destined to die.
EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY, 261. pp. 180-189. ISSN 0014-4886 (2014)

Hausner, Tohmas, Marvaldi, Letizia, Márton, Gábor, Pajer, Krisztián, Hopf, Rudolf, Schmidhammer, Robert, Hausott, Barbara, Redl, Heinz, Nógrádi, Antal, Klimaschewski, Lars: Inhibition of calpains fails to improve regeneration through a peripheral nerve conduit.
NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS, 566. pp. 280-285. ISSN 0304-3940 (2014)

Pajenda, Gholam, Hercher, David, Márton, Gábor, Pajer, Krisztián, Feichtinger, Georg A., Maléth, József, Redl, Heinz, Nógrádi, Antal: Spatiotemporally limited BDNF and GDNF overexpression rescues motoneurons destined to die and induces elongative axon growth.
Experimental Neurology, 261. pp. 367-376. ISSN 0014-4886 (2014)

Pajenda, Gholam, Pajer, Krisztián, Márton, Gábor, Hegyi, Péter, Redl, Heinz, Nógrádi, Antal: Rescue of injured motoneurones by grafted neuroectodermal stem cells: Effect of the location of graft.
RESTORATIVE NEUROLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE, 31 (3). pp. 263-274. ISSN 0922-6028 (2013)

Hausner, Tohmas, Pajer, Krisztián, Halat, Gabriel, Hopf, Rudolf, Schmidhammer, Robert, Redl, Heinz, Nógrádi, Antal: Improved rate of peripheral nerve regeneration induced by extracorporeal shock wave treatment in the rat.
EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY, 236 (2). pp. 363-370. ISSN 0014-4886 (2012)

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