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Borbély, Péter, Molnár, Árpád, Valyon, Emil, Ördög, Attila, Horváth-Boros, Klára, Csupor, Dezső, Fehér, Attila, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: The Effect of Foliar Selenium (Se) Treatment on Growth, Photosynthesis, and Oxidative-Nitrosative Signalling of Stevia rebaudiana Leaves.
ANTIOXIDANTS, 10 (1). Terjedelem: 18 p-Azonosító: 72. ISSN 2076-3921 (2021)

Oláh, Dóra, Molnár, Árpád, Soós, Vilmos, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Nitric oxide is associated with strigolactone and karrikin signal transduction in Arabidopsis roots.

Feigl, Gábor, Varga, Viktória, Molnár, Árpád, Dimitrakopoulos, Panayiotis G., Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Different Nitro-Oxidative Response of Odontarrhena lesbiaca Plants from Geographically Separated Habitats to Excess Nickel.
ANTIOXIDANTS, 9 (9). Azonosító: 837-Terjedelem: 13 p. ISSN 2076-3921 (2020)

Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Oláh, Dóra, Molnár, Árpád, Szőllősi, Réka, Erdei, László, Ördög, Attila: Distinct redox signalling and nickel tolerance in Brassica juncea and Arabidopsis thaliana.
ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, 189. Azonosító: 109989-Terjedelem: 9 p. ISSN 0147-6513 (2020)

Szőllősi, Réka, Molnár, Árpád, Kondak, Selahattin, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Dual effect of nanomaterials on germination and seedling growth: stimulation vs. phytotoxicity.
PLANTS-BASEL, 9 (12). Terjedelem: 31 p-Azonosító: 1745. ISSN 2223-7747 (2020)

Vollár, Martin, Feigl, Gábor, Oláh, Dóra, Horváth, Attila, Molnár, Árpád, Kúsz, Norbert, Csupor, Dezső, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Nitro-Oleic Acid in Seeds and Differently Developed Seedlings of Brassica napus L.
PLANTS, 9 (3). Azonosító: 406-Terjedelem: 17 p. ISSN 2223-7747 (2020)

Molnár, Árpád, Papp, Márk, Kovács, Dávid Zoltán, Bélteky, Péter, Oláh, Dóra, Feigl, Gábor, Szőllősi, Réka, Rázga, Zsolt, Ördög, Attila, Erdei, László, Rónavári, Andrea, Kónya, Zoltán, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Nitro-oxidative signalling induced by chemically synthetized zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) in Brassica species.
CHEMOSPHERE, 251. Azonosító: 126419-Terjedelem: 12. ISSN 0045-6535 (2020)

Feigl, Gábor, Czifra, Ádám, Molnár, Árpád, Bodor, Attila, Kovács, Etelka, Perei, Katalin, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Reorganization of Protein Tyrosine Nitration Pattern Indicates the Relative Tolerance of Brassica napus (L.) over Helianthus annuus (L.) to Combined Heavy Metal Treatment.
PLANTS, 9 (7). Azonosító: 902-Terjedelem: 14. ISSN 2223-7747 (2020)

Feigl, Gábor, Molnár, Árpád, Oláh, Dóra, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Role of nitric oxide in plant abiotic stress tolerance.
In: Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants. CRC Press, Boca Raton (FL), pp. 131-154. (2020) ISBN 9780429027505

Oláh, Dóra, Feigl, Gábor, Molnár, Árpád, Ördög, Attila, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Strigolactones interact with nitric oxide in regulating root system architecture of Arabidopsis thaliana.
FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 11. Azonosító: 1019-Terjedelem: 13 p. ISSN 1664-462X (2020)

Molnár, Árpád, Rónavári, Andrea, Bélteky, Péter, Szőllősi, Réka, Valyon, Emil, Oláh, Dóra, Rázga, Zsolt, Ördög, Attila, Kónya, Zoltán, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: ZnO nanoparticles induce cell wall remodeling and modify ROS/RNS signalling in root of Brassica seedlings.
ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, 206. Azonosító: 111158-Terjedelem: 12 p. ISSN 0147-6513 (2020)

Oláh, Dóra, Molnár, Árpád, Feigl, Gábor, Szőllősi, Réka, Erdei, László, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: A növényi nitrogén-monoxid kutatás múltja, jelene és jövője.
In: Oxidatív stressz és antioxidáns védekezés a növényvilágtól a klinikumig. Hungarian Free Radical Society, Budapest, pp. 41-51. (2020) ISBN 9786156203007

Feigl, Gábor, Horváth, Edit, Molnár, Árpád, Oláh, Dóra, Poór, Péter, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Ethylene-Nitric Oxide Interplay During Selenium-induced Lateral Root Emergence in Arabidopsis.
JOURNAL OF PLANT GROWTH REGULATION. Azonosító: 10.1007/s00344-019-09950-9-Terjedelem: 8. ISSN 0721-7595 (2019)

Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Molnár, Árpád, Feigl, Gábor, van Hoewyk, Doug: Plant selenium toxicity: Proteome in the crosshairs.
JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 232. pp. 291-300. ISSN 0176-1617 (2019)

Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Molnár, Árpád, Oláh, D., Feigl, Gábor, Horváth, Edit, Erdei, László, Ördög, Attila: S-Nitrosothiol Signalling Is Involved In Regulating Hydrogen Peroxide Metabolism Of Zinc-Stressed Arabidopsis.
PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY, 60 (11). pp. 2449-2463. ISSN 0032-0781 (2019)

Feigl, Gábor, Molnár, Árpád, Szőllősi, Réka, Ördög, Attila, Törőcsik, Kitti, Oláh, Dóra, Bodor, Attila, Perei, Katalin, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Zinc-induced root architectural changes of rhizotron-grown B. napus correlate with a differential nitro-oxidative response.
NITRIC OXIDE-BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY, 90. pp. 55-65. ISSN 1089-8603 (2019)

Feigl, Gábor, Bordé, Ádám, Molnár, Árpád, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Exogenous ascorbic acid is a pro-nitrant in Arabidopsis thaliana.
ACTA BIOLOGICA SZEGEDIENSIS, 62 (2). pp. 115-122. ISSN 1588-385X (2018)

Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Molnár, Árpád, Szőllősi, Réka, Feigl, Gábor, Erdei, László, Ördög, Attila: Nitro-Oxidative Stress Correlates with Se Tolerance of Astragalus Species.
PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY, 59 (9). pp. 1827-1843. ISSN 0032-0781 (2018)

Molnár, Árpád, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Kéri, Krisztina, Feigl, Gábor, Ördög, Attila, Szőllősi, Réka, Erdei, László: Selenite-induced nitro-oxidative stress processes in Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica juncea.
ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, 148. pp. 664-674. ISSN 0147-6513 (2018)

Molnár, Árpád, Feigl, Gábor, Trifán, Vanda, Ördög, Attila, Szőllősi, Réka, Erdei, László, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: The intensity of tyrosine nitration is associated with selenite and selenate toxicity in Brassica juncea L.
ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, 147 (C). pp. 93-101. ISSN 0147-6513 (2018)

Bucsi, Imre, Mastalir, Ágnes, Molnár, Árpád, Juhász, Koppány Levente, Kunfi, Attila: Heck coupling reactions catalysed by Pd particles generated in silica in the presence of an ionic liquid.
STRUCTURAL CHEMISTRY, 28 (2). pp. 501-509. ISSN 1040-0400 (2017)

Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Feigl, Gábor, Bordé, Ádám, Molnár, Árpád, Erdei, László: Protein tyrosine nitration in plants: Present knowledge, computational prediction and future perspectives.
PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 113. pp. 56-63. ISSN 0981-9428 (2017)

Feigl, Gábor, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Lehotai, Nóra, Molnár, Árpád, Ördög, Attila, Erdei, László: Different zinc sensitivity of Brassica organs is accompanied by distinct responses in protein nitration level and pattern.
ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, 125. pp. 141-152. ISSN 0147-6513 (2016)

Lehotai, Nóra, Feigl, Gábor, Koós, Ágnes, Molnár, Árpád, Ördög, Attila, Megyeriné Pető, Andrea, Erdei, László, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Nitric oxide-cytokinin interplay influences selenite sensitivity in Arabidopsis.
PLANT CELL REPORTS, 35 (10). pp. 2181-2195. ISSN 0721-7714 (2016)

Molnár, Árpád, Trifán, Vanda, Feigl, Gábor, Erdei, László, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Selenite treatment induces nitro-oxidative stress and decreases viability in indian mustard.
In: Proccedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Analytical and Environmental Problems. University of Szeged, Szeged, Magyarország, pp. 390-394. (2016) ISBN 978-963-306-507-5

Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Lehotai, Nóra, Molnár, Árpád, Feigl, Gábor: "The roots" of selenium toxicity: a new concept.
PLANT SIGNALING AND BEHAVIOR, 11 (10). Azonosító: e1241935-Terjedelem: 3 p.. ISSN 1559-2316 (2016)

Feigl, Gábor, Kumar, Devanand, Lehotai, Nóra, Megyeriné Pető, Andrea, Molnár, Árpád, Rácz, Éva, Ördög, Attila, Erdei, László, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna, Laskay, Gábor: Comparing the effects of excess copper in the leaves of Brassica Juncea (L. Czern) and Brassica Napus (L.) seedlings: Growth inhibition, oxidative stress and photosynthetic damage.
ACTA BIOLOGICA HUNGARICA, 66 (2). pp. 205-221. ISSN 0236-5383 (2015)

Feigl, Gábor, Lehotai, Nóra, Molnár, Árpád, Ördög, Attila, Rodríguez-Ruiz, Marta, Palma, Jose M., Corpas, Francisco J., Erdei, László, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Zinc induces distinct changes in the metabolism of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS) in the roots of two Brassica species with different sensitivity to zinc stress.
Annals of Botany, 116. pp. 613-625. ISSN 0305-7364 (2015)

Feigl, Gábor, Kumar, Devanand, Lehotai, Nóra, Tugyi, Nóra, Molnár, Árpád, Ördög, Attila, Szepesi, Ágnes, Gémes, Katalin, Laskay, Gábor, Erdei, László, Kolbert, Zsuzsanna: Physiological and morphological responses of the root system of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern.) and rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) to copper stress.
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 94 (1). pp. 179-189. ISSN 0147-6513 (2013)

Rác, Bulcsú, Nagy, Mariann, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád: Application of sulfonic acid functionalized MCM-41 materials—Selectivity changes in various probe reactions.
Applied Catalysis A: General, 316 (2). pp. 152-159. ISSN 0926860X (2007)

Ledneczki, István, Forgó, Péter, Kiss, T. János, Molnár, Árpád, Pálinkó, István: Conformational behaviour of acetamide derivatives studied by NMR spectroscopic and computational methods.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 834-836. pp. 349-354. ISSN 00222860 (2007)

Tasi, Gyula, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád, Hannus, István: Molecular shape, dimensions, and shape selective catalysis.
Journal of Molecular Structure: Theochem, 666-667. pp. 69-77. ISSN 0166-1280 (2003)

Török, Béla, Török, Marianna, Rózsa-Tarjáni, Mária, Pálinkó, István, Horváth, I. László, Kiricsi, Imre, Molnár, Árpád: Interactions between solvent molecules and the reduced or unreduced forms of silico-molybdic acid studied by ESR and NMR spectroscopies and molecular modelling.
Inorganica Chimica Acta, 298 (1). pp. 77-83. ISSN 0020-1693 (2000)

Török, Béla, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád, Rózsa-Tarjáni, Mária: Multinuclear MAS NMR characterization of heteropoly acids and their interaction with 2,3-butanediol.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 482-483. pp. 329-332. ISSN 00222860 (1999)

Török, Béla, Molnár, Árpád, Balogh, Nándor, Kiricsi, Imre, Pálinkó, István, Horváth, László István: Homogeneous catalysis by heteropoly acids: A redox transformation of H4[SiMo12O40] in electrophilic reactions.
Applied Catalysis A: General, 158 (1-2). L17-L25. ISSN 0926-860X (1997)

Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád, Nagy, János B., Bertrand, Jean-Cristoph, Lázár, Károly, Valyon, József, Kiricsi, Imre: Mixed-metal pillared layer clays and their pillaring precursors.
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions, 93 (8). pp. 1591-1599. ISSN 0956-5000 (1997)

Kiricsi, Imre, Molnár, Árpád, Pálinkó, István, Fudala, Ágnes, Nagy, János B.: Nanoscale redox catalysts: Cr- and Cr,Al-pillared layer clays: Characterization and catalytic activity.
Solid State Ionics, 101-103 (Part 2.). pp. 793-797. ISSN 0167-2738 (1997)

Török, Béla, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád, Bartók, Mihály: Hydrogen Pressure Dependence in the Ring-Opening Reactions of Substituted Cyclobutanes over Rh/SiO2Catalyst at Various Temperatures.
Journal of Catalysis, 159 (2). pp. 500-503. ISSN 00219517 (1996)

Kiss, T. János, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád: Surface properties of silica gel and silica gel-supported ion-exchanged copper in transformations of various molecular probes: an infrared study.
Spectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 52 (2). pp. 185-189. ISSN 1386-1425 (1996)

Kiricsi, Imre, Molnár, Árpád, Pálinkó, István, Lázár, Károly: Synthesis of iron-containing montmorillonite by various methods. Characterization of the intercalants and the behaviour of the intercalated substances in acid-catalyzed reactions.
Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 94. pp. 63-70. ISSN 0167-2991 (1995)

Török, Béla, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád, Bartók, Mihály: Ring enlargement and aromatization of propylcyclobutane over silica-supported Pt, Pd and Rh in hydrogen atmosphere.
Journal of Molecular Catalysis, 91 (1). pp. 61-69. ISSN 0304-5102 (1994)

Török, Béla, Molnár, Árpád, Pálinkó, István, Bartók, Mihály: Surface Carbonaceous Deposits as Activity and Selectivity Influencing Species in Ring-Opening Reactions of Propylcyclobutane Catalyzed by Pt/SiO2.
Journal of Catalysis, 145 (2). pp. 295-299. ISSN 0021-9517 (1994)

Török, Béla, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád, Bartók, Mihály: Hydrogen Pressure Dependence of the Ring-Opening Reactions of Propylcyclobutane over Pt/SiO2 Catalyst at Different Temperatures.
JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 143 (1). pp. 111-121. ISSN 0021-9517 (1993)

Kiss, T. János, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád: Surface properties of fumed silica (Cab-O-Sil) and Cab-O-Sil-supported Pt and Cu catalysts, studied by ir spectroscopy.
Journal of Molecular Structure, 293. pp. 273-278. ISSN 0022-2860 (1993)

Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád, Kiss, T. János, Bartók, Mihály: Activity, selectivity, and stereochemical features in the copper-catalyzed hydrogenative ring-opening of alkyl-substituted cyclopropanes-nature of active sites.
JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 121 (2). pp. 396-407. ISSN 0021-9517 (1990)

Molnár, Árpád, Pálinkó, István, Bartók, Mihály: Detection and role of unreduced copper species in the ring opening of cyclopropanes.
Journal of Catalysis, 114 (2). pp. 478-481. ISSN 0021-9517 (1988)

Bartók, Mihály, Pálinkó, István, Molnár, Árpád: Ring-opening of alkyl-substituted cyclopropanes in the presence of hydrogen on copper.
Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications (12). pp. 953-954. ISSN 0022-4936 (1987)

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