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Orsy, György, Fülöp, Ferenc, Mándity, István: Continuous-flow catalytic deuterodehalogenation carried out in propylene carbonate.
GREEN CHEMISTRY, 21 (5). pp. 956-961. ISSN 1463-9262 (2019)

Nekkaa, Imane, Bogdán, Dóra, Gáti, Tamás, Béni, Szabolcs, Juhász, Tünde, Palkó, Márta, Paragi, Gábor, Tóth, Gábor, Fülöp, Ferenc, Mándity, István: Flow-chemistry enabled efficient synthesis of β-peptides: backbone topology vs. helix formation.
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 55. pp. 3061-3064. ISSN 1359-7345 (2019)

Nekkaa, Imana, Palkó, Márta, Mándity, István, Miklós, Ferenc, Fülöp, Ferenc: Continuous-Flow retro-Diels–Alder Reaction: A Process Window for Designing Heterocyclic Scaffolds.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2018 (32). pp. 4456-4464. ISSN 1434-193X (2018)

Nekkaa, Imana, Palkó, Márta, Mándity, István, Fülöp, Ferenc: Continuous-flow retro-Diels–Alder reaction: an efficient method for the preparation of pyrimidinone derivatives.
BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 14. pp. 318-324. ISSN 1860-5397 (2018)

Szloszár, Aliz, Mándity, István, Fülöp, Ferenc: Sustainable synthesis of N-methylated peptides in a continuous-flow fixed bed reactor.
JOURNAL OF FLOW CHEMISTRY, 8 (1). pp. 21-27. ISSN 2062-249X (2018)

Hegedüs, Zsófia, Makra, Ildikó, Imre, Norbert, Hetényi, Anasztázia, Mándity, István, Monostori, Éva, Martinek, Tamás: Foldameric probes for membrane interactions by induced β-sheet folding.
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 52 (9). pp. 1891-1894. ISSN 1359-7345 (2016)

Mándity, István, Ötvös, Sándor Balázs, Szőllősi, György, Fülöp, Ferenc: Harnessing the Versatility of Continuous-Flow Processes: Selective and Efficient Reactions.
CHEMICAL RECORD, 16 (3). pp. 1018-1033. ISSN 1527-8999 (2016)

Mándity, István, Fülöp, Ferenc: An overview of peptide and peptoid foldamers in medicinal chemistry.
EXPERT OPINION ON DRUG DISCOVERY, 10 (11). pp. 1163-1177. ISSN 1746-0441 (2015)

Ötvös, Sándor Balázs, Mándity, István, Kiss, Loránd, Fülöp, Ferenc: Alkyne–azide cycloadditions with copper powder in a high-pressure continuous-flow reactor: high-temperature conditions versus the role of additives.
Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 8 (4). pp. 800-808. ISSN 1861-4728 (2013)

Ötvös, Sándor Balázs, Georgiádes, Ádám, Mándity, István, Kiss, Loránd, Fülöp, Ferenc: Efficient continuous-flow synthesis of novel 1,2,3-triazole-substituted beta-aminocyclohexanecarboxylic acid derivatives with gram-scale production.
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 9. pp. 1508-1516. ISSN 1860-5397 (2013)

Szolnoki, Éva Tünde, Hetényi, Anasztázia, Mándity, István, Fülöp, Ferenc, Martinek, Tamás A.: Foldameric beta-H18/20p mixed helix stabilized by head-to-tail contacts: a way to higher-order structures.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry (17). pp. 3555-3559. ISSN 1434-193X (2013)

Miklós, Ferenc, Mándity, István, Sillanpää, Reijo, Fülöp, Ferenc: Stereocontrolled synthesis of five diastereomers of trimethyl 3-aminocyclopentane-1,2,4-tricarboxylates.
Tetrahedron Letters, 54 (29). pp. 3769-3772. ISSN 0040-4039 (2013)

Ötvös, Sándor Balázs, Mándity, István, Fülöp, Ferenc: Highly selective deuteration of pharmaceutically relevant nitrogen-containing heterocycles: a flow chemistry approach.
Molecular Diversity, 15 (3). pp. 605-611. ISSN 1381-1991 (2011)

Szabados-Nacsa, Ágnes, Sipos, Pál Miklós, Martinek, Tamás A., Mándity, István, Blazsó, Gábor, Balogh, Ágnes, Révész, Piroska, Aigner, Zoltán: Physico-chemical characterization and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of loratadine:dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes.
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 55 (2). pp. 294-300. ISSN 0731-7085 (2011)

Ekholm, Filip S., Mándity, István, Fülöp, Ferenc, Leino, Reko: Rapid, simple, and efficient deprotection of benzyl/benzylidene protected carbohydrates by utilization of flow chemistry.
Tetrahedron Letters, 52 (16). pp. 1839-1841. ISSN 0040-4039 (2011)

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