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Fási Laura, Di Meo Florent, Kuo Ching-Ying, Stojkovic Buric Sonja, Martins Ana, Kúsz Norbert, Béni Zoltán, Dékány Miklós, Balogh György Tibor, Pesic Milica, Wang Hui-Chun, Trouillas Patrick, Hunyadi Attila: Antioxidant-Inspired Drug Discovery: Antitumor Metabolite Is Formed in Situ from a Hydroxycinnamic Acid Derivative upon Free-Radical Scavenging.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, (62) 3. pp. 1657-1668. ISSN 0022-2623 (2019)

Kuo Ching-Ying, Schelz Zsuzsanna, Tóth Barbara, Vasas Andrea, Ocsovszki Imre, Chang Fang-Rong, Hohmann Judit, Zupkó István, Wang Hui-Chun: Investigation of natural phenanthrenes and the antiproliferative potential of juncusol in cervical cancer cell lines.
PHYTOMEDICINE, (58). Paper 152770-10 p. ISSN 0944-7113 (2019)

Sinka Izabella, Kiss Anita, Mernyák Erzsébet, Wölfling János, Schneider Gyula, Ocsovszki Imre, Kuo Ching-Ying, Wang Hui-Chun, Zupkó István: Antiproliferative and antimetastatic properties of 3-benzyloxy-6-hydroxymethylene-estradiol analogs against breast cancer cell lines.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, (123). pp. 362-370. ISSN 0928-0987 (2018)

Ötvös Sándor Balázs, Vágvölgyi Máté, Girst Gábor, Kuo Ching-Ying, Wang Hui-Chun, Fülöp Ferenc, Hunyadi Attila: Synthesis of nontoxic protoflavone derivatives through selective continuous-flow hydrogenation of the flavonoid B-ring.
CHEMPLUSCHEM, (83) 2. pp. 72-76. ISSN 2192-6506 (2018)

Kuo Ching-Ying, Zupkó István, Chang Fang-Rong, Hunyadi Attila, Wu Chin-Chung, Weng Teng-Song, Wang Hui-Chun: Dietary flavonoid derivatives enhance chemotherapeutic effect by inhibiting the DNA damage response pathway.
TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY, (311). pp. 99-105. ISSN 0041-008X (2016)

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