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Bormio Nunes, Julia H., Hager, Sonja, Mathuber, Marlene, Pósa, Vivien, Roller, Alexander, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Stefanelli, Alessia, Berger, Walter, Keppler, Bernhard K., Heffeter, Petra, Kowol, Christian R.: Cancer Cell Resistance Against the Clinically Investigated Thiosemicarbazone COTI-2 Is Based on Formation of Intracellular Copper Complex Glutathione Adducts and ABCC1-Mediated Efflux.
JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 63. pp. 13719-13732. ISSN 0022-2623 (2020)

Enyedy, Éva Anna, May, Nóra Veronika, Pape, Veronika, Heffeter, Petra, Szakács, Gergely, Keppler, Bernhard K., Kowol, Christian R.: Complex formation and cytotoxicity of Triapine derivatives: a comparative solution study on the effect of the chalcogen atom and NH-methylation.
DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 49. pp. 16887-16902. ISSN 1477-9226 (2020)

Hager, Sonja, Pape, Veronika, Pósa, Vivien, Montsch, Bianca, Uhlik, Lukas, Szakács, Gergely, Tóth, Szilárd, Jabronka, Nikolett, Keppler, Bernhard K., Kowol, Christian R., Enyedy, Éva Anna, Heffeter, Petra: High copper complex stability and slow reduction kinetics as key parameters for improved activity, paraptosis induction and impact on drug-resistant cells of anticancer thiosemicarbazones.
ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING, 33 (6). pp. 395-414. ISSN 1523-0864 (2020)

Mathuber, Marlene, Schueffl, Hemma, Dömötör, Orsolya, Karnthaler, Claudia, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Heffeter, Petra, Kowol, Christian R.: Improving the Stability of EGFR Inhibitor Cobalt(III) Prodrugs.
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 59 (23). pp. 17794-17810. ISSN 0020-1669 (2020)

Heffeter, Petra, Pape, Veronika, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Keppler, Bernhard K., Szakács, Gergely, Kowol, Christian R.: Anticancer thiosemicarbazones: chemical properties, interaction with iron metabolism, and resistance development.
ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING, 30 (8). pp. 1062-1082. ISSN 1523-0864 (2019)

Kallus, Sebastian, Uhlik, Lukas, van Schoonhoven, Sushilla, Pelivan, Karla, Berger, Walter, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Hofmann, Thilo, Heffeter, Petra, Kowol, Christian R., Keppler, Bernhard K.: Synthesis and biological evaluation of biotin-conjugated anticancer thiosemicarbazones and their iron(III) and copper(II) complexes.
JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY, 190. pp. 85-97. ISSN 0162-0134 (2019)

Dömötör, Orsolya, Pelivan, Karla, Borics, Attila, Keppler, Bernhard K., Kowol, Christian R., Enyedy, Éva Anna: Comparative studies on the human serum albumin binding of the clinically approved EGFR inhibitors gefitinib, erlotinib, afatinib, osimertinib and the investigational inhibitor KP2187.

Jakusch, Tamás, Kozma, Károly, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Nagy, Nóra Veronika, Roller, Alexander, Kowol, Christian R., Keppler, Bernhard K., Kiss, Tamás: Complexes of pyridoxal thiosemicarbazones formed with vanadium(IV/V) and copper(II): solution equilibrium and structure.
NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 472. pp. 243-253. ISSN 1144-0546 (2018)

Dömötör, Orsolya, May, Nóra Veronika, Pelivan, Karla, Kiss, Tamás, Keppler, Bernhard K., Kowol, Christian R., Enyedy, Éva Anna: A comparative study of α-N-pyridyl thiosemicarbazones: spectroscopic properties, solution stability and copper(II) complexation.
INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA, 472 (SI). pp. 264-275. ISSN 0020-1693 (2018)

Kowol, Christian R., Walter, Miklós, Pfaff, Sarah, Hager, Sonja, Kallus, Sebastian, Pelivan, Karla, Kubanik, Mario, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Berger, Walter, Heffeter, Petra, Keppler, Bernhard K.: Impact of stepwise NH2-methylation of Triapine on the physico-chemical properties, anticancer activity and resistance circumvention.
JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 59 (14). pp. 6739-6752. ISSN 0022-2623 (2016)

Kowol, Christian R., Nagy, Nóra Veronika, Jakusch, Tamás, Roller, Alexander, Heffeter, Petra, Keppler, Bernhard K., Enyedy, Éva Anna: Vanadium(IV/V) complexes of Triapine and related thiosemicarbazones: synthesis, solution equilibrium and bioactivity.
JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY, 152 (SI). pp. 62-73. ISSN 0162-0134 (2015)

Trondl, Robert, Flocke, Lea S., Kowol, Christian R., Heffeter, Petra, Jungwirth, Ute, Mair, Georg E., Steinborn, Ralf, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Jakupec, Michael A., Berger, Walter, Keppler, Bernhard K.: Triapine and a more potent dimethyl derivative induce ER stress in cancer cells.
MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY, 85 (3). pp. 451-459. ISSN 0026-895X (2014)

Pichler, Verena, Mayr, Josef, Heffeter, Petra, Dömötör, Orsolya, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Hermann, Gerrit, Groza, Diana, Köllensperger, Gunda, Galanksi, Markus, Berger, Walter, Keppler, Bernhard K., Kowol, Christian R.: Maleimide-functionalised platinum(IV) complexes as synthetic platform for targeted drug delivery.
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 49 (22). pp. 2249-2251. ISSN 1359-7345 (2013)

Enyedy, Éva Anna, Zsigó, Éva, May, Nóra Veronika, Kowol, Christian R., Roller, Alexander, Keppler, Bernhard K., Kiss, Tamás: Complex-formation ability of salicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazone towards ZnII, CuII, FeII, FeIII and GaIII Ions.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2012 (25). pp. 4036-4047. ISSN 1434-1948 (2012)

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