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Knipl Diána, Röst Gergely, Moghadas Seyed M.: Population dynamics of epidemic and endemic states of drug-resistance emergence in infectious diseases.
PEERJ, (5). Terjedelem: 14 p.-Azonosító: e2817. ISSN 2167-8359 (2017)

Knipl Diána, Röst Gergely: Spatially heterogeneous populations with mixed negative and positive local density dependence.
THEORETICAL POPULATION BIOLOGY, (109). pp. 6-15. ISSN 0040-5809 (2016)

Knipl Diána: A new approach for designing disease intervention strategies in metapopulation models.
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL DYNAMICS, (10) 1. pp. 71-94. ISSN 1751-3758 (2016)

Knipl Diána, Pilarczyk Pawel, Röst Gergely: Rich bifurcation structure in a two-patch vaccination model.
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, (14) 2. pp. 980-1017. ISSN 1536-0040 (2015)

Knipl Diána, Moghadas Seyed M.: The potential impact of vaccination on the dynamics of dengue infections.
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, (77) 12. pp. 2212-2230. ISSN 0092-8240 (2015)

Knipl Diána, Röst Gergely: Backward bifurcation in SIVS model with immigration of non-infectives.
Biomath, (2) 2. Terjedelem: 14 p.-Azonosító: 1312051. ISSN 1314-684X (2013)

Knipl Diána, Röst Gergely, Wu Jianhong: Epidemic spread and variation of peak times in connected regions due to travel-related infections-dynamics of an antigravity-type delay differential model.
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, (12) 4. pp. 1722-1762. ISSN 1536-0040 (2013)

Knipl Diána: Fundamental properties of differential equations with dynamically defined delayed feedback.
Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations 17. pp. 1-18. ISSN 1417-3875 (2013)

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