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Sánta, Zsolt, Kató, Zoltán: An algebraic framework for deformable image registration.
In: 2016 23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2016). IEEE, Piscataway (NJ), pp. 3792-3797. (2017) ISBN 9781509048472

Fröhlich, Róbert Botond, Kató, Zoltán, Tremeau, Alain, Tamás, Levente, Shabo, Shadi, Waksman, Yona: Region based fusion of 3D and 2D visual data for Cultural Heritage objects.
In: 23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). IEEE, Cancun, Mexikó, pp. 2405-2410. (2016) ISBN 978-1-5090-4846-5

Tanács, Attila, Lindblad, Joakim, Sladoje, Natasa, Kató, Zoltán: Estimation of Linear Deformations of 2D and 3D Fuzzy Objects.
PATTERN RECOGNITION, 48 (4). pp. 1391-1403. ISSN 0031-3203 (2015)

Fröhlich, Róbert Botond, Tamás, Levente, Kató, Zoltán: Homography Estimation between Omnidirectional Cameras without Point Correspondences.
In: Handling uncertainty and network structure in robot control. Studies in systems, decision and control (42). Springer, Berlin, Németország; Heidelberg, Németország, pp. 129-151. (2015) ISBN 978-3-319-26325-0

Fröhlich, Róbert Botond, Tamás, Levente, Kató, Zoltán: Omnidirekcionális kamerák közötti homográfia becslése pontmegfeleltetések nélkül.
In: KÉPAF 2015, 2015.01.27-2015.01.30, Kecskemét. pp. 1-16.

Molnár, József, Fröhlich, Róbert Botond, Chetverikov, Dmitry, Kató, Zoltán: 3D Reconstruction of Planar Patches Seen by Omnidirectional Cameras.
In: Proceedings of International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA). IEEE, Piscataway, Terjedelem: 8 p.-Azonosító: 7008081. (2014) ISBN 978-147995409-4

Tamás, Levente, Fröhlich, Róbert Botond, Kató, Zoltán: Relative Pose Estimation and Fusion of Omnidirectional and Lidar Cameras.
In: Computer Vision - ECCV 2014 Workshops, Zurich, Switzerland, September 6-7 and 12, 2014, Proceedings, Part II. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (8926). Springer, Cham, Németország, pp. 640-651. (2014) ISBN 978-3-319-16180-8

Juhász, Endre, Tanács, Attila, Kató, Zoltán: Evaluation of Point Matching Methods for Wide-baseline Stereo Correspondence on Mobile Platforms.
In: Proceedings of ISPA 2013 8th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis. University of Zagreb; University of Trieste, Trieste, pp. 806-811. (2013) ISBN 978-953-184-187-0

Tanács, Attila, Lindblad, Joakim, Sladoje, Natasa, Kató, Zoltán: 3D objektumok lineáris deformációinak becslése.
In: KÉPAF 2011. 8th conference of the Hungarian Association for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, 2011.01.25 -2011.01.28, Szeged. pp. 471-480.

Tanács, Attila, Kató, Zoltán: Fast Linear Registration of 3D Objects Segmented from Medical Images.
In: BMEI 2011: Proceedings. 4th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Informatics. Konferencia helye, ideje: Shanghai, Kína, 2011.10.15-2011.10.17. IEEE Press, pp. 294-298. (2011) ISBN 9781424493524

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