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Kovacs, Maria, Lopez-Duran, Nestor L., George, Charles, Mayer, László, Nagyné Baji, Ildikó, Kiss, Enikő, Vetró, Ágnes, Kapornai, Krisztina: The Development of Mood Repair Response Repertories: I. Age-Related Changes Among 7- to 14-Year-Old Depressed and Control Children and Adolescents.

Begovic, Ena, Panaite, Vanessa, Bylsma, Lauren M., George, Charles, Kovács, Mária, Yaroslavsky, Ilya, Nagyné Baji, Ildikó, Benák, István, Dochnal, Roberta, Kiss, Enikő, Vetró, Ágnes, Kapornai, Krisztina, Rottenberg, Jonathan: Positive autobiographical memory deficits in youth with depression histories and their never-depressed siblings.
BRITISH JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, 56 (3). pp. 329-346. ISSN 0144-6657 (2017)

Kovács, Mária, Yaroslavsky, Ilya, Rottenberg, Jonathan, George, Charles, Kiss, Enikő, Halas, Kitti, Dochnal, Roberta, Benák, István, Nagyné Baji, Ildikó, Vetró, Ágnes, Makai, Attila, Kapornai, Krisztina: Maladaptive mood repair, atypical respiratory sinus arrhythmia, and risk of a recurrent major depressive episode among adolescents with prior major depression.
PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE, 46 (10). pp. 2109-2119. ISSN 0033-2917 (2016)

Yaroslavsky, Ilya, Rottenberg, Jonathan, Bylsma, Lauren M., Jennings, J. Richard, George, Charles, Nagyné Baji, Ildikó, Benák, István, Dochnal, Roberta, Halas, Kitti, Kapornai, Krisztina, Kiss, Enikő, Makai, Attila, Varga, Hedvig, Vetró, Ágnes, Kovács, Mária: Parasympathetic nervous system activity predicts mood repair use and its effectiveness among adolescents with and without histories of major depression.
JOURNAL OF ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY, 125 (3). pp. 323-336. ISSN 0021-843X (2016)

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