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Pápa, Zsuzsanna, Kecsenovity, Egon, Fejes, Dóra, Budai, Judit, Tóth, Zsolt, Hernádi, Klára: Height and diameter dependence of carbon nanotube forests on the porosity and thickness of catalytic layers.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 428. pp. 885-894. ISSN 0169-4332 (2018)

Andričević, Pavao, Kollár, Márton, Mettan, Xavier, Náfrádi, Bálint, Sienkiewicz, Andrzej, Fejes, Dóra, Hernádi, Klára, Forró, László, Horváth, Endre: Three-Dimensionally Enlarged Photoelectrodes by a Protogenetic Inclusion of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes into CH3NH3PbBr3 Single Crystals.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 121 (25). pp. 13549-13556. ISSN 1932-7447 (2017)

Endrődi, Balázs, Samu, Gergely Ferenc, Fejes, Dóra, Németh, Zoltán, Horváth, Endre, Pisoni, Andrea, Matus, Péter Krisztián, Hernádi, Klára, Visy, Csaba, Forró, László, Janáky, Csaba: Challenges and rewards of the electrosynthesis of macroscopic aligned carbon nanotube array/conducting polymer hybrid assemblies.
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 53 (21). pp. 1507-1518. ISSN 0887-6266 (2015)

Fejes, Dóra, Pápa, Zsuzsanna, Kecsenovity, Egon, Réti, Balázs, Tóth, Zsolt, Hernádi, Klára: Super growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on pulsed laser deposited catalytic thin films.
APPLIED PHYSICS A - MATERIALS SCIENCE AND PROCESSING, 118 (3). pp. 855-861. ISSN 0947-8396 (2015)

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