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Tai, Chi-Jung, El-Shazly, Mohamed, Tsai, Yi-Hong, Csupor, Dezső, Hohmann, Judit, Wu, Yang-Chang, Tseng, Tzyy-Guey, Chang, Fang-Rong, Wang, Hui-Chun: Uncovering Modern Clinical Applications of Fuzi and Fuzi-Based Formulas: A Nationwide Descriptive Study With Market Basket Analysis.
FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY, 12. Terjedelem: 11-Azonosító: 641530. ISSN 1663-9812 (2021)

Salehi, Bahare, Selamoglu, Zeliha, Sevindik, Mustafa, Fahmy, Nouran M., Al-Sayed, Eman, El-Shazly, Mohamed, Csupor-Löffler, Boglárka, Csupor, Dezső, Yazdi, Simin Emamzadeh, Sharifi-Rad, Javad, Arserim-Uçar, Dılhun Keriman, Arserim, Ender Hikmet, Karazhan, Natallia, Jahani, Ali, Dey, Abhijit: Achillea spp.: A comprehensive review on its ethnobotany, phytochemistry, phytopharmacology and industrial applications.
CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 66 (4). pp. 78-103. ISSN 0145-5680 (2020)

Li, Chi-Ying, Chang, Ching-Chia, Tsai, Yi-Hong, El-Shazly, Mohamed, Wu, Chin-Chung, Wang, Shih-Wei, Hwang, Tsong-Long, Wei, Chien-Kei, Hohmann, Judit, Yang, Zih-Jie, Cheng, Yuan-Bin, Wu, Yang-Chang, Chang, Fang-Rong: Anti-inflammatory, Antiplatelet Aggregation, and Antiangiogenesis Polyketides from Epicoccum sorghinum : Toward an Understating of Its Biological Activities and Potential Applications.
ACS OMEGA, 5 (19). pp. 11092-11099. ISSN 2470-1343 (2020)

Tsai, Yu-Chi, Hohmann, Judit, El-Shazly, Mohamed, Chang, Li-Kwan, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Kúsz, Norbert, Hsieh, Chi-Ting, Hunyadi, Attila, Chang, Fang-Rong: Bioactive constituents of Lindernia crustacea and its anti-EBV effect via Rta expression inhibition in the viral lytic cycle.
JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, 250. Azonosító: 112493-Terjedelem: 7 p. ISSN 0378-8741 (2020)

Lai, Yun-Chien, Tai, Chi-Jung, El-Shazly, Mohamed, Chuang, Yu-Che, Chiang, Shu-Tuan, Tsai, Yu-Hong, Csupor, Dezső, Hohmann, Judit, Wu, Yang-Chang, Chang, Fang-Rong: Quantification and Simplified Detoxification Investigation on Fuzi, Root of Aconitum carmichaelii.
NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS, 14 (10). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1934-578X (2019)

El-Shazly, Mohamed, Tai, Chi-Jung, Wu, Tung-Ying, Csupor, Dezső, Hohmann, Judit, Chang, Fang-Rong, Wu, Yang-Chang: Use, history, and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry chemical analysis of Aconitum.
JOURNAL OF FOOD AND DRUG ANALYSIS, 24 (1). pp. 29-45. ISSN 1021-9498 (2016)

Tai, Chi-Jung, El-Shazly, Mohamed, Wu, Tung-Ying, Lee, Kun-Tai, Csupor, Dezső, Hohmann, Judit, Chang, Fang-Rong, Wu, Yang-Chang: Clinical Aspects of Aconitum Preparations.
Planta Medica, 81 (12/13). pp. 1017-1028. ISSN 0032-0943 (2015)

Lai, Wan-Chun, Wu, Yang-Chang, Dankó, Balázs, Cheng, Yuan-Bin, Hsieh, Tusty-Jiuan, Hsieh, Chi-Ting, Tsai, Yu-Chi, El-Shazly, Mohamed, Martins, Ana, Hohmann, Judit, Hunyadi, Attila, Chang, Fang-Rong: Bioactive Constituents of Cirsium japonicum var. australe.
Journal of Natural Products, 77. pp. 1624-1631. ISSN 0163-3864 (2014)

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