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Székely, Edit, Eitel, Zsuzsa, Molnár, Szabolcs, Szász, Izabella Éva, Bilca, Doina, Sóki, József: Analysis of Romanian Bacteroides isolates for antibiotic resistance levels and the corresponding antibiotic resistance genes.
ANAEROBE, 31. pp. 11-14. ISSN 1075-9964 (2015)

Nagy, Erzsébet, Justesen, Ulrik Stenz, Eitel, Zsuzsa, Zsoldiné Urbán, Edit, ESCMID, Study Group on Anaerobic Infection: Development of EUCAST disk diffusion method for susceptibility testing of the Bacteroides fragilis group isolates.
ANAEROBE, 31. pp. 65-71. ISSN 1075-9964 (2015)

Eitel, Zsuzsa, Terhes, Gabriella, Sóki, József, Nagy, Erzsébet, Zsoldiné Urbán, Edit: Investigation of the MICs of fidaxomicin and other antibiotics against Hungarian Clostridium difficile isolates.
ANAEROBE, 31. pp. 47-49. ISSN 1075-9964 (2015)

Sóki, József, Eitel, Zsuzsa, Zsoldiné Urbán, Edit, Nagy, Erzsébet, ESCMID Study Group, on Anaerobic Infections, Terhes, Gabriella (kollab. közrem.): Molecular analysis of the carbapenem and metronidazole resistance mechanisms of Bacteroides strains reported in a Europe-wide antibiotic resistance survey.

Sóki, József, Eitel, Zsuzsa, Terhes, Gabriella, Nagy, Erzsébet, Zsoldiné Urbán, Edit, ESCMID Study Group, on Anaerobic Infections: Occurrence and analysis of rare cfiA-bft doubly positive Bacteroides fragilis strains.
ANAEROBE, 23. pp. 70-73. ISSN 1075-9964 (2013)

Eitel, Zsuzsa, Sóki, József, Zsoldiné Urbán, Edit, Nagy, Erzsébet, ESCMID Study Group, on Anaerobic Infections: The prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in Bacteroides fragilis group strains isolated in different European countries.
ANAEROBE, 21. pp. 43-49. ISSN 1075-9964 (2013)

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