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Barefield, David Y., McNamara, James W., Lynch, Thomas L., Kuster, Diederik W.D., Govindan, Suresh, Haard, Lauren, Wangd, Yang, Taylor, Erik N., Lorenz, John N., Niemang, Michelle L., Zhuh, Guangshuo, Luther, Pradeep K., Varró, András, Dobrev, Dobromir, Ai, Xun: Ablation of the calpain-targeted site in cardiac myosin binding protein-C is cardioprotective during ischemia-reperfusion injury.

Molina, Cristina E., Jacquet, Eric, Ponien, Prishila, Munoz-Guijosa, Christian, Baczkó, István, Maier, Lars S., Donzeau-Gouge, Patrick, Dobrev, Dobromir, Fischmeister, Rodolphe, Garnier, Anne: Identification of optimal reference genes for transcriptomic analyses in normal and diseased human heart.
CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH, 114. pp. 247-258. ISSN 0008-6363 (2018)

Qi, Xiao-Yan, Huang, Hai, Ördög, Balázs, Luo, Xiaobin, Naud, Patrice, Sun, Yiguo, Wu, Chia-Tung, Dawson, Kristin, Tadevosyan, Artavazd, Chen, Yu, Harada, Masahide, Dobrev, Dobromir, Nattel, Stanley: Fibroblast inward-rectifier potassium current upregulation in profibrillatory atrial remodeling.
Circulation research, 116 (5). pp. 836-45. ISSN 1524-4571 (2015)

Dawson, Kristin, Wakili, Reza, Ördög, Balázs, Clauss, Sebastian, Chen, Yu, Iwasaki, Yuki, Voigt, Niels, Qi, Xiao Yan, Sinner, Moritz F, Dobrev, Dobromir, Kääb, Stefan, Nattel, Stanley: MicroRNA29: a mechanistic contributor and potential biomarker in atrial fibrillation.
Circulation, 127 (14). pp. 1466-1475. ISSN 1524-4539 (2013)

Harada, Masahide, Luo, Xiaobin, Qi, Xiao Yan, Tadevosyan, Artavazd, Maguy, Ange, Ördög, Balázs, Ledoux, Jonathan, Kato, Takeshi, Naud, Patrice, Voigt, Niels, Shi, Yanfen, Kamiya, Kaichiro, Murohara, Toyoaki, Kodama, Itsuo, Tardif, Jean-Claude, Schotten, Ulrich, Van Wagoner, David R., Dobrev, Dobromir, Nattel, Stanley: Transient receptor potential canonical-3 channel-dependent fibroblast regulation in atrial fibrillation.
Circulation, 126 (17). pp. 2051-2064. ISSN 1524-4539 (2012)

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