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Berthon, William, Tihanyi, Balázs, Kis, Luca, Révész, László, Coqueugniot, Hélène, Dutour, Olivier, Pálfi, György: Horse riding and the shape of the acetabulum: Insights from the bioarceological analysis of early Hungarian mounted archers (10th century).

Baker, Oussama, Chamel, Bérénice, Coqueugniot, Eric, Khawam, Rima, Stordeur, Danielle, Perrin, Pascale, Pálfi, György, Gourichon, Lionel, Coqueugniot, Hélène, Le Mort, Francoise, Dutour, Olivier: Prehistory of human tuberculosis: Earliest evidence from the onset of animal husbandry in the Near East.
Paléorient, 43 (2). pp. 35-51. ISSN 1957-701X (2017)

Berthon, William, Tihanyi, Balázs, Pálfi, György, Dutour, Olivier, Coqueugniot, Hélène: Can micro-CT and 3D imaging allow differentiating the main aetologies of entheseal changes?
In: The Talking Dead - New results from Central- and Eastern European Osteoarchaeology: Proceedings of the First International Conference of the Török Aurél Anthropological Association from Târgu Mureş. Mega Publishing House, pp. 29-41. (2016) ISBN 978-606-543-800-2

Baker, Oussama, Lee, Oona Y.-C., Wu, Houdini H T., Besra, Gurdyal S., Minnikin, David E., Llewellyn, Gareth, Williams, Christopher M., Maixner, Frank, O'Sullivan, Niall, Zink, Albert, Chamel, Bérénice, Khawam, Rima, Coqueugniot, Eric, Helmer, Daniel, Le Mort, Francoise, Perrin, Pascal, Gourichon, Lionel, Dutailly, Bruno, Pálfi, György, Coqueugniot, Hélène, Dutour, Olivier: Human tuberculosis predates domestication in ancient Syria.
TUBERCULOSIS, 95 (S1). S4-S12. ISSN 1472-9792 (2015)

Coqueugniot, Hélène, Dutailly, Bruno, Desbarats, Pascal, Boulestin, Bruno, Pap, Ildikó, Szikossy, Ildikó, Baker, Oussama, Montaudon, Michel, Panuel, Michel, Karlinger, Kinga, Kovács, Balázs, Kristóf, Lilla Alida, Pálfi, György, Dutour, Olivier: Three-dimensional imaging of past skeletal TB: from lesion to process.
TUBERCULOSIS, 95 (1). S73-S79. ISSN 1472-9792 (2015)

Berthon, William, Rittemard, Hélène, Tihanyi, Balázs, Pálfi, György, Coqueugniot, Hélène, Dutour, Olivier: Three-dimensional microarchitecture of entheseal changes: preliminary study of human radial tuberosity.
ACTA BIOLOGICA SZEGEDIENSIS, 59 (1). pp. 79-90. ISSN 1588-385X (2015)

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