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Liu, Fudong, Wang, Hailiang, Sápi, András, Tatsumi, Hironori, Zherebetskyy, Danylo, Han, Hui-Ling, Carl, Lindsay M., Somorjai, Gábor A.: Molecular orientations change reaction kinetics and mechanism: A review on catalytic alcohol oxidation in gas phase and liquid phase on size-controlled Pt nanoparticles.
CATALYSTS, 8 (6). Terjedelem: 16 p-Aznosoító: 226. ISSN 2073-4344 (2018)

Tatsumi, Hironori, Liu, Fudong, Han, Hui-Ling, Carl, Lindsay M., Sápi, András, Somorjai, Gábor A.: Alcohol Oxidation at Platinum-Gas and Platinum-Liquid Interfaces: The Effect of Platinum Nanoparticle Size, Water Coadsorption, and Alcohol Concentration.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 121 (13). pp. 7365-7371. ISSN 1932-7447 (2017)

Wang, Hailiang, Sápi, András, Thompson, Christopher M., Liu, Fudong, Zherebetskyy, Danylo, Krier, James M., Carl, Lindsay M., Cai, Xiaojun, Wang, Lin-Wang, Somorjai, Gábor A.: Dramatically Different Kinetics and Mechanism at Solid/Liquid and Solid/Gas Interfaces for Catalytic Isopropanol Oxidation over Size-Controlled Platinum Nanoparticles.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136 (29). pp. 10515-10520. ISSN 0002-7863 (2014)

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