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Bormio Nunes, Julia H., Hager, Sonja, Mathuber, Marlene, Pósa, Vivien, Roller, Alexander, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Stefanelli, Alessia, Berger, Walter, Keppler, Bernhard K., Heffeter, Petra, Kowol, Christian R.: Cancer Cell Resistance Against the Clinically Investigated Thiosemicarbazone COTI-2 Is Based on Formation of Intracellular Copper Complex Glutathione Adducts and ABCC1-Mediated Efflux.
JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 63. pp. 13719-13732. ISSN 0022-2623 (2020)

Kallus, Sebastian, Uhlik, Lukas, van Schoonhoven, Sushilla, Pelivan, Karla, Berger, Walter, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Hofmann, Thilo, Heffeter, Petra, Kowol, Christian R., Keppler, Bernhard K.: Synthesis and biological evaluation of biotin-conjugated anticancer thiosemicarbazones and their iron(III) and copper(II) complexes.
JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY, 190. pp. 85-97. ISSN 0162-0134 (2019)

Kowol, Christian R., Walter, Miklós, Pfaff, Sarah, Hager, Sonja, Kallus, Sebastian, Pelivan, Karla, Kubanik, Mario, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Berger, Walter, Heffeter, Petra, Keppler, Bernhard K.: Impact of stepwise NH2-methylation of Triapine on the physico-chemical properties, anticancer activity and resistance circumvention.
JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 59 (14). pp. 6739-6752. ISSN 0022-2623 (2016)

Martins, Ana, Sipos, Péter, Dér, Katalin, Csábi, József, Miklos, Walter, Berger, Walter, Zalatnai, Attila, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Szabó-Révész, Piroska, Hunyadi, Attila: Ecdysteroids sensitize MDR and non-MDR cancer cell lines to doxorubicin, paclitaxel, and vincristine but tend to protect them from cisplatin.
BioMed Research International, 2015. Terjedelem: 8 p.-Azonosító: 895360. ISSN 2314-6133 (2015)

Trondl, Robert, Flocke, Lea S., Kowol, Christian R., Heffeter, Petra, Jungwirth, Ute, Mair, Georg E., Steinborn, Ralf, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Jakupec, Michael A., Berger, Walter, Keppler, Bernhard K.: Triapine and a more potent dimethyl derivative induce ER stress in cancer cells.
MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY, 85 (3). pp. 451-459. ISSN 0026-895X (2014)

Pichler, Verena, Mayr, Josef, Heffeter, Petra, Dömötör, Orsolya, Enyedy, Éva Anna, Hermann, Gerrit, Groza, Diana, Köllensperger, Gunda, Galanksi, Markus, Berger, Walter, Keppler, Bernhard K., Kowol, Christian R.: Maleimide-functionalised platinum(IV) complexes as synthetic platform for targeted drug delivery.
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 49 (22). pp. 2249-2251. ISSN 1359-7345 (2013)

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