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Janáky, Márta, Hári Kovács, András, Jánossy, Ágnes, Török, Dóra, Iványi, Béla, Braunitzer, Gábor, Benedek, György: Immunohistochemical Analysis of a Vitreous Membrane Removed from a Patient with Incontinentia Pigmenti-Related Retinal Detachment.
VISION - MDPI, 4 (1). Azonosító: 5-Terjedelem: 5 p. ISSN 2411-5150 (2020)

Benedek, György, Kéri, Szabolcs, Nagy, Attila, Braunitzer, Gábor, Norita, Masao: A multimodal pathway including the basal ganglia in the feline brain.
PHYSIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 106 (2). pp. 95-113. ISSN 2498-602X (2019)

Horváth, Gyöngyi, Liszli, Péter, Kékesi, Gabriella, Büki, Alexandra, Benedek, György: Cognitive training improves the disturbed behavioral architecture of schizophrenia-like rats, "Wisket".
PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR, 201. pp. 70-82. ISSN 0031-9384 (2018)

Büki, Alexandra, Horváth, Gyöngyi, Benedek, György, Ducza, Eszter, Kékesi, Gabriella: Impaired GAD1 expression in schizophrenia-related WISKET rat model with sex-dependent aggressive behavior and motivational deficit.
GENES BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR, 2018. Azonosító: e12507-Terjedelem: 12 p.. ISSN 1601-1848 (2018)

Büki, Alexandra, Kalmár, György, Kékesi, Gabriella, Benedek, György, Nyúl, László Gábor, Horváth, Gyöngyi: Impaired pupillary control in “schizophrenia-like” WISKET rats.
AUTONOMIC NEUROSCIENCE-BASIC & CLINICAL, 213. pp. 34-42. ISSN 1566-0702 (2018)

Őze, Attila, Nagy, Attila, Benedek, György, Bodosi, Balázs, Kéri, Szabolcs, Pálinkás, Éva, Bihari, Katalin, Braunitzer, Gábor: Acquired equivalence and related memory processes in migraine without aura.
Cephalalgia, 37 (6). pp. 532-540. ISSN 0333-1024 (2017)

Barkóczi, Balázs, Nagypál, Tamás, Nyujtó, Diána, Katona, Xénia, Nagyné Eördögh, Gabriella, Bodosi, Balázs, Benedek, György, Braunitzer, Gábor, Nagy, Attila: Background activity and visual responsiveness of caudate nucleus neurons in halothane anesthetized and in awake, behaving cats.
NEUROSCIENCE, 365. pp. 182-192. ISSN 0306-4522 (2017)

Horváth, Gyöngyi, Liszli, Péter, Kékesi, Gabriella, Büki, Alexandra, Benedek, György: Characterization of exploratory activity and learning ability of healthy and "schizophrenia-like" rats in a square corridor system (AMBITUS).
PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR (ISSN: 0031-9384) , 169. pp. 155-164. (2017)

Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi, Kéri, Szabolcs, Braunitzer, Gábor, Janáky, Márta: The Development and Aging of the Magnocellular and Parvocellular Visual Pathways as Indicated by VEP Recordings between 5 and 84 Years of Age.
VISION - MDPI, 1 (1). Terjedelem: 13 p-Azonosító: 7. ISSN 2411-5150 (2017)

Janáky, Márta, Jánossy, Ágnes, Horváth, Gyöngyi, Benedek, György, Braunitzer, Gábor: VEP and PERG in patients with multiple sclerosis, with and without a history of optic neuritis.
DOCUMENTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA, 134 (3). pp. 185-193. ISSN 0012-4486 (2017)

Horváth, Gyöngyi, Petrovszki, Zita, Kékesi, Gabriella, Tuboly, Gábor, Bodosi, Balázs, Horváth, János, Gombkötő, Péter, Benedek, György, Nagy, Attila: Electrophysiological alterations in a complex rat model of schizophrenia.
BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH, 307. pp. 65-72. ISSN 0166-4328 (2016)

Deák, Klára, Fejes, Imre Zsolt, Janáky, Márta, Várkonyi, Tamás, Benedek, György, Braunitzer, Gábor: Further Evidence for the Utility of Electrophysiological Methods for the Detection of Subclinical Stage Retinal and Optic Nerve Involvement in Diabetes.
MEDICAL PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE, 25 (3). pp. 282-285. ISSN 1011-7571 (2016)

Horváth, Gyöngyi, Kékesi, Gabriella, Hajdúné Petrovszki, Zita, Benedek, György: Abnormal Motor Activity and Thermoregulation in a Schizophrenia Rat Model for Translational Science.
PLOS ONE, 10 (12). Terjedelem: 14 p.-Azonosító: e0143751. ISSN 1932-6203 (2015)

Nagypál, Tamás, Gombkötő, Péter, Barkóczi, Balázs Zoltán, Benedek, György, Nagy, Attila: Activity of Caudate Nucleus Neurons in a Visual Fixation Paradigm in Behaving Cats.
PLOS ONE, 10 (11). Terjedelem: 18 p. -Azonosító: e0142526. ISSN 1932-6203 (2015)

Sáfrány-Fárk, Árpád, Hajdúné Petrovszki, Zita, Kékesi, Gabriella, Liszli, Péter, Benedek, György, Keresztes, Csilla, Horváth, Gyöngyi: In vivo potency of different ligands on voltage-gated sodium channels.
European Journal of Pharmacology, 762. pp. 158-164. ISSN 0014-2999 (2015)

Csanyi Halmos, Katalin, Gyarmati, P., Xu, H., Maimaiti, S., Jancsó, Gábor, Benedek, György, Smith, B. N.: Molecular and functional changes in glucokinase expression in the brainstem dorsal vagal complex in a murine model of type 1 diabetes.
Neuroscience, 306. pp. 115-122. ISSN 0306-4522 (2015)

Kékesi, Gabriella, Hajdúné Petrovszki, Zita, Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi: Sex-specific alterations in behavioral and cognitive functions in a "three hit" animal model of schizophrenia.
Behavioural Brain Research, 284. pp. 85-93. ISSN 0166-4328 (2015)

Sáfrány-Fárk, Árpád, Hajdúné Petrovszki, Zita, Kékesi, Gabriella, Keresztes, Csilla, Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi: Telemetry monitoring for non-invasive assessment of changes in core temperature after spinal drug administration in freely moving rats.

Janáky, Márta, Borbély, Judit, Benedek, György, Kocsis, Péter Balázs, Braunitzer, Gábor: Achromatic luminance contrast sensitivity in X-linked color-deficient observers: An addition to the debate.
VISUAL NEUROSCIENCE, 31 (1). pp. 99-103. ISSN 0952-5238 (2014)

Janáky, Márta, Braunitzer, Gábor, Benedek, György, Vörös, Erika, Kocsis, Péter Balázs, Clamp, Michael F., Fu, Arthur D.: Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.

Wypych, Marek, Nagy, Attila, Mochol, Gabriela, Foik, Andrzej, Benedek, György, Waleszczyk, Wioletta J.: Spectral characteristics of phase sensitivity and discharge rate of neurons in the ascending tectofugal visual system.
PLoS ONE, 9 (8). Terjedelem: 13 p.-Azonosító: e103557. ISSN 1932-6203 (2014)

Braunitzer, Gábor, Őze, Attila, Nagy, Tibor, Nagyné Eördegh, Gabriella, Puszta, András, Benedek, György, Kéri, Szabolcs, Nagy, Attila: The effect of simultaneous flickering light stimulation on global form and motion perception thresholds.
NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS, 583. pp. 87-91. ISSN 0304-3940 (2014)

Petrovszki, Zita, Adám, Gábor, Kékesi, Gabriella, Tuboly, Gábor, Morvay, Zita, Nagy, Endre, Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi: The effects of juvenile capsaicin desensitization in rats: Behavioral impairments.
PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR, 125. pp. 38-44. ISSN 0031-9384 (2014)

Csete, Gergő, Szabó, Nikoletta, Rokszin, Alice, Tóth, Eszter, Braunitzer, Gábor, Benedek, György, Vécsei, László, Kincses, Zsigmond Tamás: An investigation of the white matter microstructure in motion detection using diffusion MRI.
Brain Research, 1570. pp. 35-42. ISSN 0006-8993 (2014)

Nagypál, Tamás, Gombkötő, Péter, Utassy, Györgyi, Averkin, Róbert, Benedek, György, Nagy, Attila: A new, behaving, head restrained, eye movement-controlled feline model for chronic visual electrophysiological recordings.
JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS, 221. pp. 1-7. ISSN 0165-0270 (2014)

Kóbor, Jenő Dezső, Nyári, Tibor András, Benedek, György, Túri, Sándor: Age-related prevalence and features of migraine headache in Hungarian schoolchildren and adolescents.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PAEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY, 17 (6). pp. 600-607. ISSN 1090-3798 (2013)

Petrovszki, Zita, Adám, Gábor, Tuboly, Gábor, Kékesi, Gabriella, Benedek, György, Kéri, Szabolcs, Horváth, Gyöngyi: Characterization of gene-environment interactions by behavioral profiling of selectively bred rats: The effect of NMDA receptor inhibition and social isolation.
BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH, 240 (1). pp. 134-145. ISSN 0166-4328 (2013)

Gombkötő, Péter, Berényi, Antal, Nagypál, Tamás, Benedek, György, Braunitzer, Gábor, Nagy, Attila: Co-oscillation and synchronization between the posterior thalamus and the caudate nucleus during visual stimulation.
NEUROSCIENCE, 242. pp. 21-27. ISSN 0306-4522 (2013)

Halász, Ibolya, Levy-Gigi, Einat, Kelemen, Oguz, Benedek, György, Kéri, Szabolcs: Neuropsychological functions and visual contrast sensitivity in schizophrenia: the potential impact of comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 4. Terjedelem: 6 p.-Azonosító: 136. ISSN 1664-1078 (2013)

Kelemen, Oguz, Kiss, Imre, Benedek, György, Kéri, Szabolcs: Perceptual and cognitive effects of antipsychotics in first-episode schizophrenia: The potential impact of GABA concentration in the visual cortex.

Kovács, Gyula István, Petrovszki, Zita, Mallareddy, Jayapelreddy, Tóth, Géza, Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi: Characterization of antinociceptive potency of endomorphin-2 derivatives with unnatural amino acids in rats.
ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA HUNGARICA, 99 (3). pp. 353-363. ISSN 0231-424X (2012)

Braunitzer, Gábor, Rokszin, Alice, Kóbor, Jenő Dezső, Benedek, György, Nagy, Attila, Kincses, Zsigmond Tamás: Delayed development of visual motion processing in childhood migraine.
CEPHALALGIA, 32 (6). pp. 492-496. ISSN 0333-1024 (2012)

Petrovszki, Zita, Kovács, Gyula István, Tömböly, Csaba, Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi: The Effects of Peptide and Lipid Endocannabinoids on Arthritic Pain at the Spinal Level.
ANESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA, 114 (6). pp. 1346-1352. ISSN 0003-2999 (2012)

Tuboly, Gábor, Rudas, László, Csillik, Anita, Nagy, Attila, Benedek, Krisztina, Benedek, György, Braunitzer, Gábor: Haemodynamic parameters and cognitive function during modeled acute volume loss.
ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA HUNGARICA, 99 (2). pp. 118-125. ISSN 0231-424X (2012)

Kéri, Szabolcs, Szamosi, András, Benedek, György, Kelemen, Oguz: How does the hippocampal formation mediate memory for stimuli processed by the magnocellular and parvocellular visual pathways? Evidence from the comparison of schizophrenia and amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI).
NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA, 50 (14). pp. 3193-3199. ISSN 0028-3932 (2012)

Wypych, Marek, Wang, Chun, Nagy, Attila, Benedek, György, Dreher, Bogdand, Waleszczyk, Wioletta J.: Standardized F1 - A consistent measure of strength of modulation of visual responses to sine-wave drifting gratings.
VISION RESEARCH, 72. pp. 14-33. ISSN 0042-6989 (2012)

Kéri, Szabolcs, Benedek, György: Why is vision impaired in fragile X premutation carriers? The role of fragile X mental retardation protein and potential FMR1 mRNA toxicity.
NEUROSCIENCE, 206. pp. 183-189. ISSN 0306-4522 (2012)

Nagy, Anett Júlia, Berényi, Antal, Gulya, Károly, Norita, Masao, Benedek, György, Nagy, Attila: Direct projection from the visual associative cortex to the caudate nucleus in the feline brain.
Neuroscience Letters, 503 (1). pp. 52-57. ISSN 0304-3940 (2011)

Kéri, Szabolcs, Benedek, György: Fragile X protein expression is linked to visual functions in healthy male volunteers.
NEUROSCIENCE, 192. pp. 345-350. ISSN 0306-4522 (2011)

Horváth, Gyöngyi, Joó, Gabriella, Kékesi, Gabriella, Farkas, Ibolya, Tuboly, Gábor, Petrovszki, Zita, Benedek, György: Inhibition of itch-related responses at spinal level in rats.
ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA HUNGARICA, 98 (4). pp. 480-490. ISSN 0231-424X (2011)

Gombkötő, Péter, Rokszin, Alice, Berényi, Antal, Braunitzer, Gábor, Utassy, Györgyi, Benedek, György, Nagy, Attila: Neuronal code of spatial visual information in the caudate nucleus.
NEUROSCIENCE, 182. pp. 225-231. ISSN 0306-4522 (2011)

Rokszin, Alice, Gombkötő, Péter, Berényi, Antal, Márkus, Zita, Braunitzer, Gábor, Benedek, György, Nagy, Attila: Visual stimulation synchronizes or desynchronizes the activity of neuron pairs between the caudate nucleus and the posterior thalamus.
BRAIN RESEARCH, 1418. pp. 52-63. ISSN 0006-8993 (2011)

Farkas, Ibolya, Tuboly, Gábor, Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi: The antinociceptive potency of N-arachidonoyl-dopamine (NADA) and its interaction with endomorphin-1 at the spinal level.
PHARMACOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BEHAVIOR, 99 (4). pp. 731-737. ISSN 0091-3057 (2011)

Kéri, Szabolcs, Seres, Imola, Kelemen, Oguz, Benedek, György: The relationship among neuregulin 1-stimulated phosphorylation of AKT, psychosis proneness, and habituation of arousal in nonclinical individuals.
SCHIZOPHRENIA BULLETIN, 37 (1). pp. 141-147. ISSN 0586-7614 (2011)

Benedek, Krisztina, Janáky, Márta, Braunitzer, Gábor, Rokszin, Alice, Kéri, Szabolcs, Benedek, György: Parallel development of contour integration and visual contrast sensitivity at low spatial frequencies.
NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS, 472 (3). pp. 175-178. ISSN 0304-3940 (2010)

Braunitzer, Gábor, Kasik, László, Benedek, György: A kognitív idegtudomány, idegélettan és a neveléstudomány kapcsolata – a társas viselkedés együttes vizsgálatának lehetőségei.
Iskolakultúra, 19 (7-8). pp. 3-13. ISSN 1215-5233 (2009)

Benedek, György, Palkó, Márta, Wéber, Edit, Martinek, Tamás A., Forró, Enikő, Fülöp, Ferenc: Efficient synthesis of hydroxy-substituted cispentacin derivatives.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2008 (21). pp. 3724-3730. ISSN 1434-193X (2008)

Péter-Szabó, Mihály, Kékesi, Gabriella, Nagy, Edit, Szíver, Edit, Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi: Quantitative characterization of a repeated acute joint inflammation model in rats.

Beniczky, Sándor, Kéri, Szabolcs, Vörös, Erika, Ungureán, Aurélia, Benedek, György, Janka, Zoltán, Vécsei, László: Complex hallucinations following occipital lobe damage.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY, 9 (2). pp. 175-176. ISSN 1351-5101 (2002)

Antal, Andrea, Kéri, Szabolcs, Kincses, Zsigmond Tamás, Kálmán, János, Dibó, György, Benedek, György, Janka, Zoltán, Vécsei, László: Corticostriatal circuitry mediates fast-track visual categorization.
COGNITIVE BRAIN RESEARCH, 13 (1). pp. 53-59. ISSN 0926-6410 (2002)

Antal, Andrea, Kéri, Szabolcs, Dibó, György, Benedek, György, Janka, Zoltán, Vécsei, László, Bodis-Wollner, Ivan: Electrophysiological correlates of visual categorization: evidence for cognitive dysfunctions in early Parkinson's disease.
COGNITIVE BRAIN RESEARCH, 13 (2). pp. 153-158. ISSN 0926-6410 (2002)

Benedek, Krisztina, Tajti, János, Janáky, Márta, Vécsei, László, Benedek, György: Spatial contrast sensitivity of migraine patients without aura.
CEPHALALGIA, 22 (2). pp. 142-145. ISSN 0333-1024 (2002)

Csüllög, Emese, Joó, Gabriella, Tóth, Géza, Kisné Dobos, Ildikó, Benedek, György, Horváth, Gyöngyi: Antinociceptive effect of continuous intrathecal administration of endomorphin-1.
PAIN, 94 (1). pp. 31-38. ISSN 0304-3959 (2001)

Antal, A., Dibó, György, Kéri, Szabolcs, Gábor, Krisztina, Janka, Zoltán, Vécsei, László, Benedek, György: P300 component of visual event-related potentials distinguishes patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease from patients with essential tremor.
JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION, 107 (7). pp. 787-797. ISSN 0300-9564 (2000)

Joó, Gabriella, Horváth, Gyöngyi, Klimscha, Walter, Kékesi, Gabriella, Kisné Dobos, Ildikó, Szikszay, Margit, Benedek, György: The effects of ketamine and its enantiomers on the morphine- or dexmedetomidine-induced antinociception after intrathecal administration in rats.
ANESTHESIOLOGY, 93 (1). pp. 231-241. ISSN 0003-3022 (2000)

Janáky, Márta, Fülöp, Zsuzsanna, Benedek, György: Fluorescein-ERG, a sensitive method for the detection of vascular damage in diabetic patients.
DOCUMENTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA, 98 (2). pp. 117-126. ISSN 0012-4486 (1999)

Janáky, Márta, Deák, Andrea Kata, Pelle, Zsuzsanna, Benedek, György: Electrophysiologic alterations in patients with optic nerve hypoplasia.
Documenta Ophthalmologica, 86 (3). pp. 247-257. ISSN 0012-4486 (1994)

Tari, E, Janáky, Márta, Benedek, György: Age-dependency of visual evoked potential parameters in children.
In: Pattern Electroretinogram, Circulatory Disturbances of the Visual Systems and Pattern Evoked Responses. Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series, Vol. 40. . Springer, Dordrecht; Boston, pp. 279-286. (1984) ISBN 978-90-6193-503-2

Janáky, Márta, Benedek, György, Tichy, B.: Visual evoked potential in patients with uremic diseases.
In: Pattern Electroretinogram, Circulatory Disturbances of the Visual Systems and Pattern Evoked Responses Pattern Electroretinogram, Circulatory Disturbances of the Visual Systems and Pattern Evoked Responses. Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series, Vol. 40. . Springer, Dordrecht; Boston, pp. 209-213. (1984) ISBN 978-90-6193-503-2

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