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Nagy-Grócz, Gábor, Laborc, Klaudia Flóra, Veres, Gábor, Bajtai, Attila, Bohár, Zsuzsanna, Zádori, Dénes, Fejes-Szabó, Annamária, Spekker, Eleonóra, Vécsei, László, Párdutz, Árpád: The Effect of Systemic Nitroglycerin Administration on the Kynurenine Pathway in the Rat (vol 8, 278, 2017).
FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY, 11. Terjedelem:2-Azonosító:1049. ISSN 1664-2295 (2020)

Bajtai, Attila, Ilisz, István, Howan, Dian H. O., Tóth, Gábor, Scriba, Gerhard K. E., Lindner, Wolfgang, Péter, Antal: Enantioselective resolution of biologically active dipeptide analogs by high-performance liquid chromatography applying Cinchona alkaloid-based ion-exchanger chiral stationary phases.
JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 1611. Azonosító: 460574-Terjedelem: 12 p. ISSN 0021-9673 (2020)

Ilisz, István, Bajtai, Attila, Szatmári, István, Fülöp, Ferenc, Lindner, Wolfgang, Péter, Antal: Enantioseparation of beta-carboline, tetrahydroisoquinoline and benzazepine analogues of pharmaceutical importance: Utilization of chiral stationary phases based on polysaccharides and sulfonic acid modified Cinchona alkaloids in high-performance liquid and subcritical fluid chromatography.
JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 1615. Azonosító: 460771-Terjedelem: 15. ISSN 0021-9673 (2020)

Bajtai, Attila, Ilisz, István, Péter, Antal, Lindner, Wolfgang: Liquid chromatographic resolution of natural and racemic Cinchona alkaloid analogues using strong cation- and zwitterion ion-exchange type stationary phases. Qualitative evaluation of stationary phase characteristics and mobile phase effects on stereoselectivity and retention.
JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 1609. Azonosító: 460498-Terjedelem: 13 p. ISSN 0021-9673 (2020)

Orosz, Tímea, Bajtai, Attila, Le Minh, Tam, Tanács, Dániel, Szakonyi, Zsolt, Fülöp, Ferenc, Antal, Péter, Ilisz, István: Chiral high‐performance liquid and supercritical fluid chromatographic enantioseparations of limonene‐based bicyclic aminoalcohols and aminodiols on polysaccharide‐based chiral stationary phases.
BIOMEDICAL CHROMATOGRAPHY, 33 (5). Terjedelem: 11 p-Azonosító: e4517. ISSN 0269-3879 (2019)

Ilisz, István, Bajtai, Attila, Péter, Antal, Lindner, Wolfgang: Cinchona alkaloid-based zwitterionic chiral stationary phases applied for liquid chromatographic enantiomer separations: An overview.
In: Methods in Molecular Biology. HUMANA PRESS INC., pp. 251-277. (2019)

Bajtai, Attila, Lajkó, Gyula, Németi, Gábor, Szatmári, István, Fülöp, Ferenc, Péter, Antal, Ilisz, István: High-performance liquid chromatographic and subcritical fluid chromatographic separation of alpha-arylated ss-carboline, N-alkylated tetrahydroisoquinolines and their bioisosteres on polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases.
JOURNAL OF SEPARATION SCIENCE, 42 (17). pp. 2779-2787. ISSN 1615-9306 (2019)

Bajtai, Attila, Fekete, Beáta, Palkó, Márta, Fülöp, Ferenc, Lindner, Wolfgang, Kohout, Michal, Ilisz, István, Péter, Antal: Comparative study on the liquid chromatographic enantioseparation of cyclic beta-amino acids and the related cyclic beta-aminohydroxamic acids on Cinchona alkaloid-based zwitterionic chiral stationary phases.
JOURNAL OF SEPARATION SCIENCE, 41 (6). pp. 1216-1223. ISSN 1615-9306 (2018)

Bajtai, Attila, Lajkó, Gyula, Szatmári, István, Fülöp, Ferenc, Lindner, Wolfgang, Ilisz, István, Péter, Antal: Dedicated comparisons of diverse polysaccharide- and zwitterionic Cinchona alkaloid-based chiral stationary phases probed with basic and ampholytic indole analogs in liquid and subcritical fluid chromatography mode.
JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 1563. pp. 180-190. ISSN 0021-9673 (2018)

Ilisz, István, Bajtai, Attila, Lindner, Wolfgang, Péter, Antal: Liquid chromatographic enantiomer separations applying chiral ion-exchangers based on Cinchona alkaloids.

Veres, Gábor, Fejes-Szabó, Annamária, Zádori, Dénes, Nagy-Grócz, Gábor, László, Anna, Bajtai, Attila, Mándity, István M., Szentirmai, Márton, Bohár, Zsuzsanna, Laborc, Flóra Klaudia, Szatmári, István, Fülöp, Ferenc, Vécsei, László, Párdutz, Árpád: A comparative assessment of two kynurenic acid analogs in the formalin model of trigeminal activation: a behavioral, immunohistochemical and pharmacokinetic study.
JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION, 124. pp. 99-112. ISSN 0300-9564 (2017)

Nagy-Grócz, Gábor, Laborc, Flóra Klaudia, Veres, Gábor, Bajtai, Attila, Bohár, Zsuzsanna, Zádori, Dénes, Fejes-Szabó, Annamária, Spekker, Eleonóra, Vécsei, László, Párdutz, Árpád: The effect of systemic nitroglycerin administration on the kynurenine pathway in the rat.
FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY, 8 (JUN). Azonosító: 278-Terjedelem: 7 p.. ISSN 1664-2295 (2017)

Veres, Gábor, Szpisjak, László, Bajtai, Attila, Siska, Andrea, Klivényi, Péter, Ilisz, István, Földesi, Imre, Vécsei, László, Zádori, Dénes: The establishment of tocopherol reference intervals for Hungarian adult population using a validated HPLC method.
BIOMEDICAL CHROMATOGRAPHY, 31 (9). Terjedelem: 8 p-Azonosító: e3953. ISSN 0269-3879 (2017)

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