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Nové, Márta, Kincses, Annamária, Molnár, József, Amaral, Leonard, Spengler, Gabriella: The Role of Efflux Pumps and Environmental pH in Bacterial Multidrug Resistance.
IN VIVO, 34 (1). pp. 65-71. ISSN 0258-851X (2019)

Spengler, Gabriella, Kincses, Annamária, Gajdács, Márió, Amaral, Leonard: New Roads Leading to Old Destinations: Efflux Pumps as Targets to Reverse Multidrug Resistance in Bacteria.
MOLECULES, 22 (3). Terjedelem: 25 p.-Azonosító: 468. ISSN 1420-3049 (2017)

Varga, Borisz, Csonka, Ákos, Csonka, Andrea, Molnár, József, Amaral, Leonard, Spengler, Gabriella: Possible biological and clinical applications of phenothiazines.
ANTICANCER RESEARCH, 37 (11). pp. 5983-5993. ISSN 0250-7005 (2017)

Spengler, Gabriella, Csonka, Ákos, Molnár, József, Amaral, Leonard: The Anticancer Activity of the Old Neuroleptic Phenothiazine-type Drug Thioridazine.
ANTICANCER RESEARCH, 36 (11). pp. 5701-5706. ISSN 0250-7005 (2016)

Armada, Ana, Martins, Célia, Spengler, Gabriella, Molnár, József, Amaral, Leonard, Rodrigues, António Sebastião, Viveiros, Miguel: Fluorimetric Methods for Analysis of Permeability, Drug Transport Kinetics, and Inhibition of the ABCB1 Membrane Transporter.
In: Cancer Drug Resistance : Overviews and Methods. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1395 . Springer New York, New York, pp. 87-103. (2016) ISBN 9781493933457

Amaral, Leonard, Spengler, Gabriella, Molnár, József: Identification of Important Compounds Isolated from Natural Sources that Have Activity Against Multidrug-resistant Cancer Cell Lines: Effects on Proliferation, Apoptotic Mechanism and the Efflux Pump Responsible for Multi-resistance Phenotype.
ANTICANCER RESEARCH, 36 (11). pp. 5665-5672. ISSN 0250-7005 (2016)

Domínguez-Álvarez, Enrique, Gajdács, Márió, Spengler, Gabriella, Palop, Juan Antonio, Marć, Małgorzata Anna, Kieć-Kononowicz, Katarzyna, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Jacob, Claus, Handzlik, Jadwiga, Sanmartín, Carmen: Identification of selenocompounds with promising properties to reverse cancer multidrug resistance.
BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 26 (12). pp. 2821-2824. ISSN 0960-894X (2016)

Martins, Ana, Sipos, Péter, Dér, Katalin, Csábi, József, Miklos, Walter, Berger, Walter, Zalatnai, Attila, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Szabó-Révész, Piroska, Hunyadi, Attila: Ecdysteroids sensitize MDR and non-MDR cancer cell lines to doxorubicin, paclitaxel, and vincristine but tend to protect them from cisplatin.
BioMed Research International, 2015. Terjedelem: 8 p.-Azonosító: 895360. ISSN 2314-6133 (2015)

Takács, Daniella, Csonka, Ákos, Horváth, Ádám, Windt, Tímea, Gajdács, Márió, Riedl, Zsuzsanna, Hajós, György, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Spengler, Gabriella: Reversal of ABCB1-related Multidrug Resistance of Colonic Adenocarcinoma Cells by Phenothiazines.
ANTICANCER RESEARCH, 35 (6). pp. 3245-3251. ISSN 0250-7005 (2015)

Martins, Ana, Csábi, József, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Hunyadi, Attila: Combination effect of ecdysteroid 2,3-dioxalanes and doxorubicin against MDR resistant cancer.
Planta Medica, 80 (16). -Azonosító: P1L131. ISSN 0032-0943 (2014)

Amaral, Leonard, Martins, Ana, Spengler, Gabriella, Molnár, József: Efflux pumps of Gram-negative bacteria: what they do, how they do it with what and how to deal with them.
FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY, 4. Terjedelem: 11 p.-Azonosító: 168. ISSN 1663-9812 (2014)

Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Martins, Ana, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Chang, Fang-Rong, Wu, Yang-Chang, Hunyadi, Attila: MDR szelektív rákellenes hatással rendelkező protoflavon származékok előállítása.
Gyógyszerészet, 58 (Suppl 1.). p. 64. ISSN 0017-6036 (2014)

Spengler, Gabriella, Takács, Daniella, Horváth, Ádám, Riedl, Zsuzsanna, Hajós, György, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József: Multidrug Resistance Reversing Activity of Newly Developed Phenothiazines on P-glycoprotein (ABCB1)-related Resistance of Mouse T-Lymphoma Cells.
ANTICANCER RESEARCH, 34 (4). pp. 1737-1741. ISSN 0250-7005 (2014)

Lai, Wan-Chun, Dankó, Balázs, Csábi, József, Kele, Zoltán, Chang, Fang-Rong, Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Gáti, Tamás, Simon, András, Amaral, Leonard, Tóth, Gábor, Hunyadi, Attila: Rapid, Laser-Induced Conversion of 20-Hydroxyecdysone - a Follow-up Study on the Products Obtained.
Steroids, 89. pp. 56-62. ISSN 0039-128X (2014)

Molnár, József, Mándi, Yvette, Spengler, Gabriella, Haszon, Ibolya, Túri, Sándor, Kásler, Miklós, Amaral, Leonard: Synergism between Antiplasmid Promethazine and Antibiotics In Vitro and In Vivo.
BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHARMACOLOGY, 3 (4). Azonosító: 1000139-Terjedelem: 5 p. ISSN 2167-0501 (2014)

Csábi, József, Martins, Ana, Balázs, Attila, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Simon, András, Tóth, Gábor, Hunyadi, Attila: Synthesis of 2,3-dioxolane substituted ecdysteroids as potential MDR-modulators.
In: Trends in Natural Products Research 2014. Phytochemical Society of Europe, Olomouc, Csehország, pp. 36-37. (2014) ISBN 978-0-9565472-5-5

Csábi, József, Martins, Ana, Balázs, Attila, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Simon, András, Tóth, Gábor, Hunyadi, Attila: Természetes eredetű ekdiszteroid-származékok: félszintézis és multidrog-rezisztenciára kifejtett hatás.
Gyógyszerészet, 58 (Suppl 1.). p. 83. ISSN 0017-6036 (2014)

Alexandru, Tatiana, Armada, Ana Maria, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Hunyadi, Attila, Militaru, Andra, Boni, Mihai, Nastasa, Viorel, Martins, Ana, Viveiros, Miguel, Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Molnár, József, Amaral, Leonard: Biological Evaluation of Products Formed from the Irradiation of Chlorpromazine with a 266 nm Laser Beam.
Biochemistry & Pharmacology, 2 (1). Azonosító: 109-Terjedelem: 4 p.. ISSN 2167-0501 (2013)

Tokuda, Harukuni, Maoka, Takashi, Suzuiki, Nobutaka, Hohmann, Judit, Vasas, Andrea, Engi, Helga, Mucsi, Ilona, Olszewski, Ulrike, Hamilton, Gerhard, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József: Effects of two disiloxanes ALIS-409 and ALIS-421 on chemoprevention in model experiments.
Anticancer Research, 33 (5). pp. 2021-2027. ISSN 0250-7005 (2013)

Amaral, Leonard, Spengler, Gabriella, Martins, Ana, Molnár, József: Efflux Pumps that Bestow Multi-Drug Resistance of Pathogenic Gramnegative Bacteria.
BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHARMACOLOGY, 2 (3). Terjedelem: 3 p.-Azonosító: 1000119. (2013)

Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Martins, Ana, Jedlinszki, Nikoletta, Alexandru, Tatiana, Nastasa, Viorel, Boni, Mihai, Militaru, Andra, Andrei, Ionut Relu, Staicu, Angela, Hunyadi, Attila, Fanning, Seamus, Amaral, Leonard: Exposure of Chlorpromazine to 266 nm Laser Beam Generates New Species with Antibacterial Properties: Contributions to Development of a New Process for Drug Discovery.
PLoS ONE, 8 (2). Azonosító: N°e55767-Terjedelem: 16 p.. ISSN 1932-6203 (2013)

Armada, Ana Maria, Alexandru, Tatiana, Machado, Diana, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Hunyadi, Attila, Dinache, Viveiros, Andra, Nastasa, Viorel, Boni, Mihai, Ramos, Jorge, Viveiros, Miguel, Molnár, József, Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Amaral, Leonard: The InVitro Activity of Products Formed from Exposure of Chlorpromazine to a 266nm LASER Beam Against Species of Mycobacteria of Human Interest.
In Vivo, 27 (5). pp. 605-610. ISSN 0258-851X (2013)

Martins, Ana, Hunyadi, Attila, Amaral, Leonard: Mechanisms of resistance in bacteria: An evolutionary approach.
Open Microbiology Journal, 7 (Suppl.1). pp. 53-58. ISSN 1874-2858 (2013)

Molnár, József, Mucsi, Ilona, Engi, Helga, Spengler, Gabriella, Amaral, Leonard, Zalatnai, Attila, Wang, Qi, Shlomo, Ben Efraim: The Role of Stroma in Tumour-Host Co-Existence: Some Perspectives in Stroma-Targeted Therapy of Cancer.
BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHARMACOLOGY, 2 (1). Terjedelem: 6 p.-Azonostító: 1000107. ISSN 2167-0501 (2013)

Martins, Ana, Csábi, József, Balázs, Attila, Kitka, Diána, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Simon, András, Tóth, Gábor, Hunyadi, Attila: Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of Novel Ecdysteroid Dioxolanes as MDR Modulators in Cancer.
Molecules, 18 (12). pp. 15255-15275. ISSN 1420-3049 (2013)

Amaral, Leonard, Martins, Ana, Spengler, Gabriella, Hunyadi, Attila, Molnár, József: The mechanism by which the phenothiazine thioridazine contributes to cure problematic drug-resistant forms of pulmonary tuberculosis: Recent patents for "new use".
Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery, 8 (3). pp. 206-212. ISSN 1574-891X (2013)

Handzlik, Jadwiga, Spengler, Gabriella, Mastek, Beata, Dela, Anna, Molnár, József, Amaral, Leonard, Kieć-Kononowicz, Katarzyna: 5-Arylidene(thio)hydantoin derivatives as modulators of cancer efflux pump.
ACTA POLONIAE PHARMACEUTICA, 69 (1). pp. 149-156. ISSN 0001-6837 (2012)

Spengler, Gabriella, Rodrigues, Liliana, Martins, Ana, Martins, Marta, McCusker, Matthew, Cerca, Pedro, Machado, Lisa, Costa, Sofia Santos, Ntokou, Eleni, Couto, Isabel, Viveiros, Miguel, Fanning, Seamus, Molnár, József, Amaral, Leonard: Genetic response of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis to thioridazine rendering the organism resistant to the agent.

Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Martins, Ana, Chuang, Da-Wei, Wang, Hui-Chun, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József, Chang, Fang-Rong, Wu, Yang-Chang, Hunyadi, Attila: In vitro cytotoxic activity of novel protoflavone analogs – selectivity towards a multidrug resistant cancer cell line.
Anticancer Research, 32 (7). pp. 2863-2869. ISSN 0250-7005 (2012)

Hunyadi, Attila, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Boni, Mihai, Militaru, Andra, Alexandru, Tatiana, Nastasa, Viorel, Andrei, Ionut Relu, Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Amaral, Leonard: Rapid, laser-induced conversion of 20-hydroxyecdysone and its diacetonide – experimental set-up of a system for photochemical transformation of bioactive substances.
Anticancer Research, 32 (4). pp. 1291-1297. ISSN 0250-7005 (2012)

Martins, Ana, Vasas, Andrea, Vieiros, Miguel, Molnár, József, Hohmann, Judit, Amaral, Leonard: Antibacterial properties of compounds isolated from Carpobrotus edulis.
International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 37 (5). pp. 438-444. ISSN 0924-8579 (2011)

Takács, Daniella, Cerca, Pedro, Martins, Ana, Riedl, Zsuzsanna, Hajós, György, Molnár, József, Viveiros, Miguel, Couto, Isabel, Amaral, Leonard: Evaluation of forty new phenothiazine derivatives for activity against intrinsic efflux pump systems of reference Escherichia coli, Salmonella Enteritidis, Enterococcus faecalis and Staphylococcus aureus strains.
In Vivo, 25 (5). pp. 719-724. ISSN 0258-851X (2011)

Ordway, Diane, Hohmann, Judit, Viveiros, Miguel, Viveiros, Antonio, Molnár, József, Leandro, Clara, Arroz, Maria Jorge, Gracio, Maria Amelia, Amaral, Leonard: Carpobrotus edulis methanol extract inhibits the MDR efflux pumps, enhances killing of phagocytosed S. aureus and promotes immune modulation.
PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH, 17 (5). pp. 512-519. ISSN 0951-418X (2003)

Spengler, Gabriella, Miczák, András, Hajdú, Edit, Kawase, Masami, Amaral, Leonard, Molnár, József: Enhancement of plasmid curing by 9-aminoacridine and two phenothiazines in the presence of proton pump inhibitor 1-(2-benzoxazolyl)-3,3,3-trifluoro-2-propanone.

Gunics, Gyöngyi, Motohashi, Noboru, Amaral, Leonard, Farkas, Sándor, Molnár, József: Interaction between antibiotics and non-conventional antibiotics on bacteria.

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