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Alexandru, Tatiana, Armada, Ana Maria, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Hunyadi, Attila, Militaru, Andra, Boni, Mihai, Nastasa, Viorel, Martins, Ana, Viveiros, Miguel, Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Molnár, József, Amaral, Leonard: Biological Evaluation of Products Formed from the Irradiation of Chlorpromazine with a 266 nm Laser Beam.
Biochemistry & Pharmacology, 2 (1). Azonosító: 109-Terjedelem: 4 p.. ISSN 2167-0501 (2013)

Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Martins, Ana, Jedlinszki, Nikoletta, Alexandru, Tatiana, Nastasa, Viorel, Boni, Mihai, Militaru, Andra, Andrei, Ionut Relu, Staicu, Angela, Hunyadi, Attila, Fanning, Seamus, Amaral, Leonard: Exposure of Chlorpromazine to 266 nm Laser Beam Generates New Species with Antibacterial Properties: Contributions to Development of a New Process for Drug Discovery.
PLoS ONE, 8 (2). Azonosító: N°e55767-Terjedelem: 16 p.. ISSN 1932-6203 (2013)

Armada, Ana Maria, Alexandru, Tatiana, Machado, Diana, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Hunyadi, Attila, Dinache, Viveiros, Andra, Nastasa, Viorel, Boni, Mihai, Ramos, Jorge, Viveiros, Miguel, Molnár, József, Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Amaral, Leonard: The InVitro Activity of Products Formed from Exposure of Chlorpromazine to a 266nm LASER Beam Against Species of Mycobacteria of Human Interest.
In Vivo, 27 (5). pp. 605-610. ISSN 0258-851X (2013)

Hunyadi, Attila, Dankó, Balázs Ödön, Boni, Mihai, Militaru, Andra, Alexandru, Tatiana, Nastasa, Viorel, Andrei, Ionut Relu, Pascu, Mihail Lucian, Amaral, Leonard: Rapid, laser-induced conversion of 20-hydroxyecdysone and its diacetonide – experimental set-up of a system for photochemical transformation of bioactive substances.
Anticancer Research, 32 (4). pp. 1291-1297. ISSN 0250-7005 (2012)

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