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Erős Katalin and Maák István Elek and Markó Bálint and Babik Hanna and Ślipiński Piotr and Nicoară Roxana and Czechowski Wojciech: Competitive pressure by territorials promotes the utilization of unusual food source by subordinate ants in temperate European woodlands.
ETHOLOGY ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION, 32. pp. 457-465. ISSN 0394-9370 (2020)

Maák István Elek and Trigos-Peral Gema and Ślipiński Piotr and Grześ Irena M and Horváth Gergely and Witek Magdalena: Habitat features and colony characteristics influencing ant personality and its fitness consequences.
BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY. Terjedelem: 14 p.-Azonosító: :10.1093/beheco/araa112. ISSN 1045-2249 (2020)

Maák István Elek and Camera Jessica and Casacci Luca Pietro and Barbero Francesca and Trigos‐Peral Gema and Ślipiński Piotr and Bonelli Simona and Zaccagno Michele and Witek Magdalena: The influence of colony traits on the collective behaviour of Myrmica scabrinodis ants.
INSECT CONSERVATION AND DIVERSITY, 12 (6). pp. 481-491. ISSN 1752-458X (2019)

Grześ Irena Maria and Ślipiński Piotr and Babik Hania and Moroń Dawid and Walter Bartosz and Trigos-Peral Gema and Maák István Elek and Witek Magdalena: Colony size and brood investment of Myrmica rubra ant colonies in habitats invaded by goldenrods.
INSECTES SOCIAUX, 65 (2). pp. 275-280. ISSN 0020-1812 (2018)

Peral Gema Trigos and Bálint Markó and Babik Hania and Tăuşan Ionut and Maák István Elek and Pálfi Zsófia and Ślipiński Piotr and Czekes Zsolt and Czechowski Wojciech: Differential impact of two dominant Formica ant species (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) on subordinates in temperate Europe.
JOURNAL OF HYMENOPTERA RESEARCH, 50. pp. 97-116. ISSN 1070-9428 (2016)

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