The human melanoma proteome atlas—Defining the molecular pathology

Betancourt Lazaro Hiram and Jeovanis Gil and Yonghyo Kim and Doma Viktória and Çakır Uğur and Sanchez Aniel and Murillo Jimmy Rodriguez and Kuras Magdalena and Parada Indira Pla and Sugihara Yutaka and Appelqvist Roger and Wieslander Elisabet and Welinder Charlotte and Velasquez Erika and deAlmeida Natália Pinto and Woldmar Nicole and Marko-Varga Matilda and Pawłowski Krzysztof and Eriksson Jonatan and Szeitz Beáta and Baldetorp Bo and Ingvar Christian and Olsson Håkan and Lundgren Lotta and Lindberg Henrik and Oskolas Henriett and Lee Boram and Berge Ethan and Sjögren Marie and Eriksson Carina and Kim Dasol and Kwon Ho Jeong and Knudsen Beatrice and Rezeli Melinda and Hong Runyu and Horvatovich Peter and Miliotis Tasso and Nishimura Toshihide and Kato Harubumi and Steinfelder Erik and Oppermann Madalina and Miller Ken and Florindi Francesco and Zhou Qimin and Domont Gilberto B. and Pizzatti Luiciana and Nogueira Fábio C. S. and Horváth Péter and Szadai Leticia and Tímár József and Kárpáti Sarolta and Szász Attila Marcell and Malm Johan and Fenyö David and Ekedahl Henrik and Németh István Balázs and Markó-Varga György: The human melanoma proteome atlas—Defining the molecular pathology.
CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE, 11 (7). Terjedelem: 22-Azonosító: e473. ISSN 2001-1326 (2021)

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Item Type: Journal Article
Date: 2021
Volume: 11
Number: 7
Page Range: Terjedelem: 22-Azonosító: e473
ISSN: 2001-1326
Faculty/Unit: Faculty of Medicine
Institution: Szegedi Tudományegyetem
Language: English
MTMT rekordazonosító: 32091439
DOI azonosító:
Date Deposited: 2021. Jul. 05. 10:33
Last Modified: 2022. Sep. 27. 13:38
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